Great City, Fun Times and Endless Possibilities

Growth: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 6
Safety: 10

Spending the summer interning in Seoul was an unforgettable experience! The CRCC Asia staff were very helpful and supportive before, during, and after the program ended providing us with helpful tips, a variety of cultural tours and experiences, along with opportunities to network with locals. I had gotten a great internship as well which allowed me to explore Seoul and many other cities in South Korea, which was excellent. My coworkers were nice and helpful, and I felt a lot of growth during my time working.

Arriving in Seoul was a breeze as the staff were helpful, provided a great presentation and could answer many questions. On the second day we had received our sim cards which were extremely helpful. One of the apps I recommend downloading to get around Seoul and other cities in South Korea is Naver Maps. One of the best parts of Seoul is the transportation system where you could get around the city for a low price on buses and the subway system. The food is Seoul is also excellent and cheap, there are so many places to shop in local markets, malls, and cultural areas. Don’t limit yourself to Seoul too much as there are other cities to go to and many cultural festivals and events throughout Korea. Purchasing bullet train tickets and bus tickets to travel to other cities are simple as well. I highly recommend this the Seoul Internship Program because it has made a lasting impact on me and there is always something great to do!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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