A unique experience with a lasting impact: in today's crazy world, Twala is a place of love and hope

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I first learned about Twala Trust on a documentary programme and the main message that came across was harmony. Animals of all shapes and sizes were living peacefully together and forming the most unexpected friendships. They were well cared for by the Twala staff and I was pleased to learn that Twala accepted volunteers regardless of having prior experience with animals or not. I had long wanted to work with animals in some capacity and Twala seemed like the perfect opportunity. From the moment I reached out to Twala to receive information on their volunteer programme, I knew I had come to the right place. Everyone I interacted with was welcoming and offered their assistance to make my visit as best as possible. As soon as I arrived, I felt at home. Twala staff have the kindest, most generous spirits. They provide much love and care to their resident animals and are just as loving and kind to the volunteers they welcome. You truly feel at home! Living at Twala among the animals is a unique experience. In the early morning hours, you are awakened by the sounds of donkeys, lions, peacocks, cockatoos, parrots, and others! I actually missed the morning wake up calls once I got home! Morning food prep is a great time to begin the day, chatting with the staff, enjoying coffee together and delivering breakfast to the residents. Another highlight of the day was the daily walks with the Waggley Tail Club - the beautiful dogs who have found a forever home at Twala. These dogs are amazing and have so much love to give. There is never a dull moment at Twala, whether it's Horace the vervet monkey up to his daily antics, or the group of cockatoos on the veranda chatting loudly, there is always something happening. My most memorable moments of my time at Twala are caring for the baby vervet monkeys Artie and Benson. Benson in particular had an immense impact on me and one I was not prepared for. Benson arrived a few days before I left, and I became his substitute mom for that time. He was found dehydrated and alone; it is not sure what happened to his mom. The poor guy was quite traumatised. He was not able to sleep alone in his cage, so he slept snuggled into my neck. I completely fell in love with Benson. I cared for him up to the last moment before I had to say goodbye to Twala. I know he is in good hands now and I wish the best monkey life for him. I am so very grateful to have been able to come to Twala. It gave me renewed hope in this crazy world where we are constantly being fed negative stories. It is so wonderful to see a group of people completely dedicated to caring for the local community and working to preserve wildlife. They are true heroes. I highly recommend volunteering at Twala. I am already making plans to return; Twala has won me over!

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