The Best Summer of My Life

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

My summer spent working for the ECC was the most fun-filled, eye-opening and rewarding of my life! It started with an informative and interactive orientation week where the tutors became acquainted; we learned helpful teaching tips and what we could expect in the months ahead. It was so awesome being surrounded by such a kind, friendly, and energetic group of people who shared a passion for teaching, kids, and travel.

Each camp session is two weeks long, and for each session, you will be placed in a different small town in Italy and/or Austria, where you will be assigned a host family and group of tutors to work with. For me, the opportunity to teach in a classroom and work alongside others with solid teaching experience was novel and instructive. The wonderful thing about this program is the variety. Each session is unique to itself: filled with new experiences, opportunities, and people to meet. Each session will pose challenges and, at times, can be exhausting, however, with an open-mind and positive attitude, you will have an incredible experience.

One of the highlights of ECC for me was the people. From the host families to the other tutors, to the children I taught, I formed many wonderful and long-lasting friendships over the summer. The host families, in particular, were lovely and warmly welcomed me into their homes. Living with an Italian family gave me the most authentic experience possible, seeing things that many visitors would not be exposed to and eating home-cooked, delicious, local Italian dishes not offered in a restaurant. I equally loved getting to know the other tutors who were from around the world and had their own unique stories and perspectives to share. It was the connections that I made with the kids that was most fulfilling. I came to understand the impact I could have on others’ lives, regardless of language barriers. It was amazing for me to witness the improvement and love for English that many of the children developed over the course of each session.

Working for the ECC was a dream job, and an experience I will never forget. It combined all the things I love, and reminded me how much I enjoy travel, meeting new people, and working with kids. It helped me grow independently, strengthen my social skills and broaden my perspective on cultures and people. It taught me that the world is much bigger than my own life and experiences, and that I still have so much more to learn.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed