Don't Worry!

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

chose Mente after a lot of internet research, but really, one feels very nervous when they are spending a good chunk of money and then just hoping beyond hope that you have chosen the best overseas study program. What a relief it was to be hosted in Buenos Aires by the professional, fun and kind staff at Mente. They know what they are doing and they took care of everything I needed. My apartment was awesome and in a great (and safe!) part of town only a few blocks from the Mente head office. I stopped in for one thing or another and even though the advisors would be busy working, they always had time to help me and really make me feel at home. It gave me great comfort to learn that I could rely on them. From getting me a toaster to a toilet plunger, a blender and helping me book my weekend excursions and even helping me with my Spanish homework – the staff at Mente are tireless. The anxiety I had about being in a big city with beginner Spanish skills melted away the first couple of days when I knew I would be able to count on my new friends at Mente. The outings they plan for the group are so fun (and included in your fee!!), the University Spanish course I took was in a nice school and I was pleased with the whole experience. (I just received my official transcript from the University of BA) and the teachers and staff were just simply nice, accommodating, helpful and lovely. For one month I experienced the best of Argentina and because everything went off without a hitch, it will remain one of the best experiences of my entire lifetime.
Susan Chalmers
Social Studies/Spanish Teacher, Canada

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