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Jan 20, 2021
Sep 10, 2022
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Mente Argentina Study Abroad Programs in Argentina allow high school, university and college students from all over the world to come and study in Argentina for a semester or academic year and obtain academic credits for their home university. We work with some of the most important and recognized universities in Argentina and Latin America. All of our programs can be tailored to the needs and interests of each individual.

With our short programs participants will have the opportunity to study and develop new skills in Buenos Aires while being immersed in Argentina’s fascinating and exciting culture. The courses take place at the finest schools with the best professionals in Argentina and are delivered in a fun and interesting way. Mente Argentina works together with some of the most prestigious and well-known schools, instructors and professionals here in Argentina guaranteeing you an exceptional experience abroad.

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  • Support 4.9
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  • Housing 4.85
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mente Argentina

I had the experience of a lifetime in Buenos Aires and Mente Argentina made it happen.
They customized a two week Tango and Cooking immersion program for me that fit my unique needs and I learned more than I could ever have imagined in a very short amount of time.
They were responsive from the very beginning and they paired me with the perfect host mom and made my airport arrival and departure seamless by having transportation prearranged for me.
I could not have asked for a more positive group of people and I think that Mente is a perfect combination of structure and freedom.
I recommend Mente Argentina without reservation to anyone who would like to travel to Argentina alone but feel anchored at the same time.
I am an educator and wanted to do a travel sabbatical while I was off from teaching. Mente Argentina helped create a customized program for me that combined tango and culinary in an intensive format. It was a dream come true and I learned so much. I am grateful to Mente and will always remember my time in Buenos Aires.

  • Freedom
  • Option to live with host family
  • Airport transfers
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mente Argentina 20 Week Program

Mente Argentina was an awesome program for my 20 week journey in Buenos Aires. I was living independently with other roommates in Recoleta, but always felt secure and comfortable with the help from Mente and the planned cultural activities we experienced. From La Bomba to the Palacio Barolo to the Microteatro, we were immersed in Argentine culture while bonding with others students from the program. We created a great community with each other and local while definitely making an unforgettable experience in BA, thanks to Mente.

  • Planned social activities almost every day
  • Convenient living location
  • Support when needed
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience Abroad Yet!

Mente Argentina made for a wonderful month abroad. The whole team is super organized and helpful with anything that I needed. I highly recommend the Spanish add-on and the Tango course! Of course, all of the weekly extra activities kept me busy. I did a short program and If I had the chance to return I would take more options with Mente Argentina. My favorite moments we the happy hours we spent together and watching "La Bomba de Tiempo" and "Fuerza Bruta."

Highly recommend working through this program!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Mente Argentina

Mente Argentina was the highlight of my summer this year! The organization was so helpful with everything from housing to money conversion to event/activity scheduling, and especially a shout out to Samantha Tigner who helped to make our stay as memorable and wonderful as it was. Another great thing that Mente provided was hooking us up with outside classes and preplanned events, I ended up taking cooking classes and I loved them. I can definitely see myself returning to Buenos Aires, and if I do I will definitely use Mente Argentina.

  • pre-planned events and opportunities
  • assistance with money conversion
  • met some really great people
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Fleeting Dream

It would not be inaccurate to say that my six months in Buenos Aires were some of the best of my life.

A condensed background--I am an Civil Engineering student at the Colorado School of Mines. I work during the semester, run student organizations, and bust my ass with my heavy courses. However, I have always had a heavy interest in economics, history, and literature. Furthermore, I have always wanted to learn Spanish because I thought it would be a helpful tool in the future. I decided to take advantage of my situation by taking a "break" and studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Two issues, however, arose: 1. I had no idea where to go. And 2. I did not speak a word of Spanish. Luckily, I found Mente Argentina. Mente offered me a program where I did not need to speak a word of Spanish beforehand to study in university. The program offered 2 months of Spanish lessons at a small independent school followed by 4 months of the actual semester. Mente can connect you to a broad selection of universities in Buenos Aires.

I chose the University of Belgrano, a good-sized private university centered in the beautiful neighborhood of Belgrano. There, I could chose classes from the PEAL/PALAS program. One of which had courses taught in Spanish and the other in English. I took five classes: 2 in Spanish and 3 in English. Despite not knowing a word of Spanish before arriving, I was successfully able to understand (most of) and succeed in the Spanish-taught courses due to the 2 months of Spanish lessons beforehand. However, here arises my only complaint: the courses shown by Mente were *not* the same courses offered by the university. As a result, I had to get a new set of courses approved by my host university. I was unable to get all the credit I wanted too because they didn't offer the high-level course that Mente had advertised. The professors were very friendly and knowledgeable. I personally recommend the "Argentine Economy" course taught by Professor Arguero and the "Political and Social Change" course taught by Professor Gonzalez. Both of these are taught in English.

The Spanish school (VOS), was incredible in their job. I met lifelong friends there and made my mark on their wall (if you go there, my handprint is by the staircase and labelled Lucas with a heart in the middle). As I mentioned before, I was able to get to competent level of Spanish to take basic university courses within two months of their 5-day/week Spanish program. The building is beautiful and centered in the stunning neighborhood of Palermo. If you do go to this school, I recommend hitting NOLA: a Cajun fried chicken restaurant that is located a two minute walk away.

As for housing, Mente supplied me with an apartment in Palermo. The location was amazing! Five minute walk away from Santa Fe St. 20 minutes away from Plaza Serano. Bus station is outside. Less than 10 minute walk to the subway. It was fairly easy to get a taxi there. There are multiple kisocos and a small supermarket (Dia) directly outside it. There is also plenty of great places to eat around there. The apartment itself was clean with very few issues. I loved hanging out on the long balcony. Mente will circle roommates in and out depending on their program. The roommates I have had became very close friends with me (with the exception of a strange hiccup at the beginning).

Mente will host weekly events and invite everyone who is involved in a Mente program. This is where I met my closest friends in Buenos Aires, not at the university. Events include: happy hours (and miniature theatre), restaurants, museums, shows, and more. Samantha and Bea, who work at Mente, are both very friendly and fun to be around. If I ever had any questions or concerns, Mente was fast to address them and make sure I was comfortable there.

As for Buenos Aires, it is a magical city. As you live here, you will learn about the history, culture, and areas of the city. I spent most of my time in three neighborhoods: Belgrano, Palermo, and Recoleta. Belgrano is a nice neighborhood home to my university and many grand houses, including embassies of all countries. Palermo is where I lived and is the premiere place to shop and dine (in my opinion). Recoleta is more upscale and touristy, home to many attractions. As for places to see, I recommend: Puerto Madero, the Recoleta Cemetary, El Ateneo "The Grand Splendid", the Colon Theatre, the Obelisk, the Casa Rosada, all the gardens, Tigre, and many others.

Take your time to explore Argentina outside of Buenos Aires. I have been to: Mar del Plata, Bariloche, Iguazu Falls, and Salta. I won't go into detail about all of these locations, but know that Argentina is an incredibly diverse (and big) country. Make sure to explore everything that you can! And make sure to explore the rich history, too.

Before going to Buenos Aires, I had never lived in a big city or spoke Spanish. Within no time, I had become a proud porteño! Take part in the culture...eat milanesas, asado, dulce de leche, and empanadas. Drink mate and partake in merienda. Learn the phrases (dale, boludo!). Take it easy and take your time. Cheer for River Plate and play some soccer!

Altogether, I am very satisfied with my experience. Looking back, it feels too good to have been real. Surely, I will be returning to Buenos Aires, my second home!

  • Buenos Aires is an amazing city
  • Meet people all around the world through Mente and the university
  • Improve your Spanish to an impressive level
  • Mismatch between advertised courses and actual courses offered
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mente Argentina - Internship Program

Mente was an awesome and professional program to work with throughout the entire process. After initially planning the dates for the trip, the pandemic arrived, causing my trip to be delayed for nearly two years. The Mente team had me ready to travel to Buenos Aires in just weeks after the borders reopened for travel. Their relationship with local non-profits, businesses, language schools, and host families makes this experience so unique and fulfilling. Studying with Mente felt like having a web of support during my internship. I am hoping to return for their graduate programs in the next few years!

  • Instant support upon arrival - transportation to homestay, public transportation card, phone chip
  • Great group activities - food, theater, music, museums
  • Work within your field - I met students doing internships in a variety of fields with Mente
  • Internships are unpaid - international visas are tricky
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Cooking & Wine Programs with Mente Argentina

Had a fantastic experience in Buenos Aires with Mente Argentina! The team is very professional and takes care of everything for you: from picking you up at the airport, providing transport & sim cards, exchanging money, making sure the apartment has everything you need, etc. I can't say enough good things about everyone at Mente!

I participated in the cooking and wine programs and loved every second of it. You are enrolled in a professional cooking school with Argentine students, so it's a great way to immerse yourself in the culture! I took a variety of cooking classes, such as pastry & bread making and Argentine classic dishes (like milanesa and empanadas). The wine program is at another prestigious school, and you will learn about wine making, tasting & pairing, varieties of grapes, etc.

I had the best month of my life cooking and drinking wine every day in Buenos Aires. If you're looking for an immersive experience abroad, I highly recommend checking out Mente Argentina!

  • Wonderful staff who take care of all your needs
  • Learn lots of new kitchen techniques & recipes
  • Get to explore the beautiful city of Buenos Aires
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Yes, I recommend this program

Had an awesome time!

This program created an easy transition to travel to a new country on my first time traveling abroad, and they provided everything I needed to have the most amazing experience living and studying in Buenos Aires for 3 months! They provided accommodations, weekly activities with other international travelers, cooking classes at a professional level, Spanish classes, and guidance in navigating through Argententian life and the city of Buenos Aires. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a great experience in Buenos Aires.

  • A bunch of fun daily activities.
  • I took cooking classes with experienced chefs and learned so much.
  • A great way to make new friends!
  • Not much!
  • Prepare for hot weather and rainstorms!
  • Busy city if you're not into crowded places.
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