Excellent TEFL course in a stunning seaside location!

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 7
Job Assistance: 10

I completed a 4 week TEFL course through ID Languages in early 2019. I really can't recommend it highly enough!
The course tutor was absolutely excellent, highly knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I was very impressed with the level of detail in the course material and the fact that actual teaching practice was integrated into the learning experience was just invaluable!
The overall atmosphere at ID Languages is one of positivity and encouragement and all the staff team do their very best to ensure each individual's learning needs are met. By the end of the course ,I felt truly prepared and confident in my ability to teach my first class and this course provided immediate new employment opportunities for me - very impressive after a 4 week course! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a career change.

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