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This institution has zero regard for its students' mental and physical health in the most disturbing of ways. I attended TAU for a study abroad program. While I was there I began to suffer from some health problems, which made it difficult to concentrate in class. Despite this, my teacher was extremely rude and embarrassed me in front of the whole class when she noticed I was not paying attention (even though it was clear that I looked unwell). The worst part, however, is that after a month of attending this school, I suffered a hypoglycaemic attack (and at the time I had no idea that this was what was happening) and I called the resident advisor on call. A man named Guy then came to my room (and at this point I was shaking uncontrollably and could barely stand up) and I requested that he call me an ambulance. HE THEN REFUSED AND SAID I COULD GO GRAB A CAB TO THE HOSPITAL MYSELF. I told him that I could not walk on my own and needed immediate care, and he STILL REFUSED. I then told him that if he was not going to help me he should leave, and then he stated that I was being "uncooperative" and would not help me. He then left me alone and I could not sleep at all. The next day I called again and requested to see a doctor. This man, Guy, then arrived with a "doctor" (who was dressed in ripped jeans and a tshirt and spoke no english) who simply listened to my heart beat and said I was fine. When I stated that I wanted bloodwork done to check my vitals and my blood sugar levels, the "doctor" refused. I made a comment stating that I was worried my potassium levels were low, to which he told me to "eat more bananas". I was appalled at the level of unprofessionalism and lack of care. Since they refused to provide me with any medical care or blood tests, I had to get on a plane home to leave. Nobody from the school has apologized or expressed any concern about my health or how I was treated following this incident. I am disgusted with the way I was treated and I am scared for other students at this school who may need medical care.

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