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Study abroad at Tel Aviv University in Israel for a semester or academic year term. With a wide range of courses to study, from engineering to liberal arts, it should be easy to find something that fits your schedule.

Tel Aviv is located on the western coastline of central Israel, and is Israel's second most populated city. Students come from around the world to take classes at Tel Aviv University because it is a great school in a beautiful city. Sign up today and start your study abroad experience in Israel next semester!

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  • Academics 8
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.8
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 10
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Amazing experience

I spent the 2012 spring semester as an OSP student. It was an amazing experience to live in TLV, studying with great teachers and the OSP staff was very nice and helpful! We traveled around Israel and learned Hebrew, it was a very nice semester!

How can this program be improved?
Only american students, it would be nice to have students from all over the world.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing internship

I was able to work with 3 different professors who helped me learn and research more in my fieldwork of choice. They were all really supportive and guided me in the right direction. Commuting to and from Tel Aviv University was easy! I loved being on such a beautiful campus in the middle of the summer. It was a perfect work day because I would work for about 5 hours a day and then was able to spend the afternoon on the beach and exploring Tel Aviv. I would definitely recommend looking into research assistant internship at the University.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fun Study Abroad Experience

The staff for the OSP (overseas program) at Tel Aviv University was great. The staff, many who are students themselves were welcoming and make the experience comfortable and we felt at home. There was a lot to do outside of class time either on campus or in the city.

It would have been nice to integrate more with Israelis but you can meet a lot of them if you put yourself out there.

The classes were not too difficult, but I was still challenged and able to learn a good deal. The ulpan was not the best and I learned more Hebrew speaking to natives than in the classroom.

It was a fabulous experience living and studying in Tel Aviv and I highly suggest it!

Yes, I recommend this program
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TESOL in Tel Aviv

The program is basically two years rolled into one which means that it is intense, but structured! On Sundays and Wednesdays from like 8am-5pm we attend classes at the university and then during the week, we are at our teaching internships which consists of 10-12 hours a week split into one or two days. To help with the stresses of living abroad, you have the over seas program "madrichim" or counselors, your professors who really want to see you do well, and the director who is very nurturing and is so helpful. It's a great program, it is challenging, but that is what makes this masters degree worth it and I particularly like that you are not thrown into teaching and that we have an internship to be able to take the things we are learning and apply them. I am really glad I made the decision to learn here and its been fascinating learning TESOL and discovering Israel at the same time. As for living, I was living in the dorms but I didn't like it. It was more suited for undergraduate students, but it was really comfortable and safe otherwise. The university is located in Ramat Aviv, which is known as a wealthy and nice area. Some of the students live in the center of Tel Aviv, if not in Ramat Aviv.

Yes, I recommend this program


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Tel Aviv University is Israel's biggest academic institution, comprised of a dynamic and diverse student body. It's faculty contains scholars and scientists that are renowned in their fields. Together, with 9 schools, 106 different departments and 90...