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This trip was one of the best two weeks that I have experienced. It completely blew away my expectations, between the people, the food, and the culture. Everything we did on this trip and were apart of in some way helped the local community. Our group helped in spreading our wealth & resources by visiting many different villages and getting the opportunity to learn about the different cultures and the things that they spend their time on (basket weaving, weaving clothes, etc.), while feeling totally apart of their community. As individuals, we learned the importance of voting with your dollar and supported many local villages around Chiang Mai. In our volunteer work, we were able to work in the schools in Muang Khong and teach the kids English, which was just as impactful on me as it was on them. Working on the permaculture sites also opened my eyes to how hard working and driven everyone is to be as self- sustainable as possible, and being so passionate about everything that they do, no matter how difficult it may be. We were also able to trek for elephants and hang out with them, while learning about responsible elephant tourism and the importance of it. This trip was a very positive experience and changed my outlook of what it means to me to be a global citizen.

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