A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

The MSAG summer camp was a ONCE IN A LIFE EXPERIENCE!
As I am an Italian applicant, my biggest struggle was to be able to get my head around the UK medical school system and initially I was completely lost, to say the least.
I was looking for a knowledged and professional team to help me to fully understand the mechanism of admissions, which universities were worth applying based on my strengths, how to effectively prepare for admission exams (there are different types in the UK) and strategies to successfully tackle medical interviews.
It’s a daunting process, but I can honestly say that my summer camp experience with the MSAG was invaluable as it fully prepared me for this challenging process throughout every stage of the application, not only by providing me with the knowledge and strategies to successfully ace my written exam but also through regular 1-1 tutoring with Dr Dibah, whose knowledge, experience and support were an asset to make me set apart from any other applicants!
A great benefit was having doctors teaching the course, which means you are provided with an invaluable insight on the life of doctors as well as benefits and challenges of the career (an extremely helpful knowledge for your interviews!)
It was a very two weeks exciting and intense course, with lots of fun activities, trips and opportunities for you to explore different aspects of Medicine (including a hands-on session on how to perform a suture and take blood from a mannequin!)
My best experiences were a trip to Oxford School of Medicine and visiting the Body World in London which, besides being an incredible experience and a unique way to learn about the complexity of the human body, it also helped me to keep myself inspired and motivated during the challenging application process as well as cementing my desire to become a doctor).
The experience was personalized and tailored to your persona, based upon your weakness and strength, which is what makes the MSAG summer course so unique!
Each extracurricular activity was thoroughly chosen by the experienced MSAG team to strengthen your medical application, allowing you to reflect and relate them back to medicine (which is what makes a very strong candidate!), offering you unforgettable experiences and the possibility to make long-lasting friendship with people all around the globe!
I strongly recommend the MSAG summer course to anyone who is looking for a professional and experienced team that can provide you with a tailored and personal experience to make you a successful medical applicant!

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