Amazing First Time Traveling Experince!

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

This experience was the first time I have travelled alone and EDUCO made it so simple and safe to get around the country. The first week of orientation was a brilliant opening week to Educo and, although intense, really taught me about the company and its goals. I really believe theatre and interactive education is the best for language learning and was so happy to find myself working for a company whose beliefs comply so much with my own.

The camps I worked on (Paestum and Napoli) were amazing and teaching English was such a rewarding job. I still keep in contact with one of my class helper who became a really good friend of mine too.

The host families were the most loving and kind families and I am very grateful to them. During the time I lived with them, I learnt the importance of buffalo mozzarella, met their entire family including great aunts who spoke no English at all, went to an Italian first birthday party, read to the children and taught them English in the evenings and saw some really local and fascinating parts of Italy.

Finally, the other tutors that I met through Educo were amazing. I was so lucky to work with some amazing people from all around the world!

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