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I had the comfortable and "luxurious"teaching experience here in Thailand. I worked 2 years in Songkhla, a province in the south of Thailand, at a bilingual primary school. Students come from upper-middle to upper socio-economic backgrounds, certainly way more privileged than I ever was. I enjoyed my classes tremendously and did my best to fly under the radar as to avoid office politics, it was an ideal job. However, in the back of my mind I knew I couldn't continue this. My vision for teaching abroad was on the opposite of the spectrum. I wanted to affect change for those without the means. Why produce a faint noise in an orchestra when I can roar in the silence. I left a few months ago and am now working at a public school. I'm the only English Teacher on staff, maybe the only English speaking person in the village. I hope to change this ratio soon. It might be marginal at first but, at least I know that I'm creating that change. The opportunities opened for these kids is the greater change.

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