You Gotta Try the Homestay

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Value: 10
Safety: 10

As part of my project, and unique to date with IVHQ, I get the option for a 24 hour homestay visit over the weekend and take it along with fellow teaching volunteer, John! Aaron goes into Chiang Rai for evening overnight in hotel. This is an opportunity to see local culture up close and personal, and the best, I soon observe, is it's totally unfiltered. The family we are placed with, just go about doing their thing. No frills, no acting for tourists. We are just two more mouths to feed.

I'm shown my mattress on the floor and will share a room with the gals of the house. John gets his own room. Perhaps the most interesting, is his reaction. As an urban Chinese kid, he's never been to a village like this and asks me "what is a homestay" followed by, once he sees his room and the kitchen, "when do we leave"? Fortunately, I downloaded Google translate - Thai - to use off line and get to chat with the ladies in the kitchen. Food is fantastic. They have everything they need and yet, it's so simple. Actually, elegant in a way..... Rooster 🐓 hourly wake up every hour after midnight is another story!?!?! In case you are wondering, no stove, toilet, shower except what you see in pic, but yes, internet and electricity!

The following day, a guide meets us for a bamboo forest hike to waterfalls, followed by a BBQ lunch all made from or cooked in bamboo! I take my annual birthday waterfall plunge while John marvels at his ability to hike (says he's not in shape) and our guide's skill cooking with bamboo. He no longer is asking when he can leave, but how long can we stay! Great to share 👍

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