Summer Dream!

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

I’ve been doing Educo camps for two years in a row now and I’m so excited to head back for my third Summer with Educo this year!
It’s an unreal experience travelling around Italy, teaching, being immersed in the culture and sharing memories with new friends.

I was both excited and nervous to stay with families during my time at camp as I’d never done anything like this before. Each family I went to gave me a warm welcome and were eager to get to know me. We shared evenings together talking, eating, drinking and laughing together and they were kind enough to take me to places around their towns and cities so I could explore the sights. I stayed in touch with my families afterwards and I managed to visit them again the next Summer which was so sweet.

Within the camps you’re a part of a team, working together to create a fun and magical experience for the children. You get the chance to embrace your inner child alongside your peers as you lead and take part in the activities with the children.
My favourite part of camps is being able to create a final show with your class. You work with your class to write a story and a script in English and you spend time with them making set and costumes. It’s a rewarding experience having your class help create a show in a completely different language to their own and seeing how proud their families are of their incredible work.

The support from the Educo team is second to none. The orientation was so fun and insightful as we were trained and mentored on how the camps work and what was expected from us as tutors in a camp. You meet so many new people at the orientation who you are experiencing this new adventure together with and create strong bonds along the way.

I highly recommend you spend your Summer with Educo camps. If you’re looking to teach, travel, experience a new language and culture and make lasting memories then apply and have an incredible Summer!

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