12 Day Cambodia Tour

Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

After experiencing an awful tour with G Adventures, I was nervous of the trutravel tour. However, Seyha has made the trip everything I expected and more. I was taken back by the amazing excursions and accommodation provided by trutravel. I have fallen in love with Cambodia and will definitely be returning! I feel Seyha exceeded his role as our tour guide, making us feel welcome and homely for the 12 days being here. Seyha tailored the itinerary to suit us, which made the tour even more special. We have been able to see such memorable places such as S21, Killing fields, Angkor Wat, incredible sunsets and more. I was over the moon by the unbelievable knowledge Seyha has of his country. It was fantastic being able to find out more information. Seyha has such an outgoing, bubbly and caring personality which just makes the tour even more incredible. Even keeping me smiling whilst having seasick issues. I’m overly grateful to have experienced this trip and would recommend to anyone to definitely get involved!!!

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Seyha is worth more than the position he is in. Would love to come back seeing him in a higher position.
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