2020 Global Volunteers Nepal

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

“What we keep we lose, only what we give remains our own”

This motto from my high school has stuck with me for the 58 years since my graduation, and serving in Nepal with Global Volunteers is a perfect example of its meaning. I received so many ‘gifts’ while volunteering in August of 2019. Going to Soroptimist Kathmandu was so rewarding as the women there were so eager to learn English and to interact. My last day of teaching there was mostly a culture experience, the women, dressed in their lovely saris, danced and we joined them in their traditional music. We all laughed a lot that final day, and I was just so happy to have been able to get to know these local women. Teaching English to these women was a pure delight. I also got to teach English at an elementary and high school and at an orphanage. My two weeks in Nepal with Global Volunteers was an amazing experience. Just getting to know local people was a gift, sharing time with them and learning some basic Nepalese conversation. I treasure my memories of Nepal.

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