The TEFL Academy in Spain

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

There are a lot of TEFL academies in Spain, so it was important for me to know that if I was going to do something like this, that I would find an academy that would help me every step of the way! I was probably looking at academies all over Spain for a couple of weeks before I came across TE Madrid. I made attempts to contact the other academies, but TE Madrid were happy to get in touch with me almost immediately after I made my request, and it was just easier to understand what the process is from this academy. Don’t get me wrong, the other options that I took a look at had their advantages, but staying in touch with them was pretty difficult. After thinking about it for a good period of time, I decided to put my deposit down to take my course with TE Madrid. They got me into the course, and they were even helpful enough to have someone pick me up from the airport and bring me to my apartment, which was pretty close to the academy itself. I didn’t think that there was an academy that would be so hospitable. Finally, it came down to doing the course itself. I was in the room with a couple of other people from England, and the teacher was Canadian. We all went pretty far to make sure that we were relaxed going into this. It was tense with those first few days, but after a while, we were basically sharing our life stories with each other, and helping each other with our teaching practice. Another thing that I like was that we would be teaching within that first week. It was daunting, but when our instructor told us about his own experience, it made standing in front of a classroom a lot easier. That’s the great thing about TE Madrid. The class was intense, and the whole experience made me very nervous, but they did a lot to keep me nice and relaxed for the four weeks I was doing the course, and I think it’s important, especially when they want to be able to send good teachers out there to work hard. It’s a difficult thing to leave home, but what they do made me feel better about it. Another thing that I really liked about this was how the staff at the academy helped me get my residency application process going from when I started taking the class. It was an indication that Spain really appreciates the breadth of English Teachers who decide to make Spain their home. I thought it was going to be difficult now that the United Kingdom is outside the European Union, but they helped me book my appointment, and told me exactly what it is I needed to bring in order to get approved for a residency card. After four weeks, a lot of teaching practice, and my residency application officially on wheels, I had my C.V. typed up, and sent it out to academies all over the country. I was pretty happy to say that I had my first job offer within a week after finishing my course, and then I made my way down to Cordoba to start working. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, and I’m glad that I made the move. I want to thank everyone at TE Madrid for their part in helping me make the move from England to Spain. I want to thank Jordan for the amazing course that he ran, and I also want to thank the receptionist and support staff for what they did in helping me get a job. I absolutely appreciate it!

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