Best Summer Ever! Not only fun but a place to grow

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

I took this course when i was only 15. Being one of the youngest their i was very worried and thought it was going to be scary, too hard and even boring. I was more than wrong in this instance... Not only was it fun, i got to meet knew people who i still talk to 2 years down the line that are some of my closest friends. I was right that the course was hard but the support I given was so amazing. My computer Science tutor was so helpful and making sure everyone understood and making sure everyone could do the best they could, No matter what ability you were at he would make sure he would cater his lessons so everyone is engaged and everyone is still enjoying what they're doing. If you wanted a challenge then you'd get a challenge. Other than the academic side it was also lots of fun. The staff were so amazing in helping you have a good time be that playing games of werewolf at night before everyone went to bed or having a picnic in university parks and playing multiple different sports accompanied by very cute dogs. If you ever had a problem it would be dealt with instantly. If you ever have any questions you'd never be left unanswered, doing their best to make sure you have the best time possible. For these reasons and many more is why Oxford Scholastica was not only the best summer of my life But probably the best two weeks of my life as well.

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Jayden Thomas-Collaire :)