Amazing Experience!

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I volunteered in Ghana for three weeks. And I wish I could've stayed much longer! The locals in the community and especially at the volunteer house were beyond welcoming. The volunteer house was comfortable and clean. It began to feel like home very quickly. The PMGY workers provided a family-like environment. They encouraged discussions about anything and everything. If something confused you or made you feel uncomfortable someone was always there to talk to you about it.
Placement was usually early in the morning and usually you could leave whenever you were ready to. The kids at the orphanage were adorable and full of smiles. At times it was exhausting and difficult to know the kids didn't have a family, but being able to give them basic attention was satisfying. I quickly fell in love with them and sincerely wanted to adopt all of them. I also went to the school and helped in a classroom for a few days. The students were eager to learn and loved playing with the volunteers.
The weekends were for relaxing, free time, or going on the PMGY weekend trips. I did both Mole and Cape Coast and I recommend both of them. It was a neat way to see different parts of Ghana.
Ghanaian culture is completely different than American culture and it was very refreshing. Going into the trip with an open mindset is the best thing to do. The way they view time, humor, basic conversations and life overall can be surprising, but as you adjust it's easy to fall in love with their way of life.
Overall, it was a mind opening experience that I will never forget!

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