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Feb 03, 2020
Dec 23, 2021
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About Program

PMGY offers 2-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in the ancient capital of Kumasi. Volunteers get involved in a wide-range of project work including childcare, English teaching, medical electives, mental health & psychology and working with special needs children.

Our programmes in Kumasi run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

Consider your impact: Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience for both volunteers and local communities, and at Go Overseas, we believe all volunteers should have the resources to make informed decisions about the type of volunteer project they want to partake in. However, despite best intentions, some organizations offering placements in orphanages may unknowingly place children in danger. You can read about the potential dangers of orphanage volunteering here.

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Program Highlights

  • Most Affordable – PMGY’s programs are accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference, through low fees and high-impact projects.
  • Best Support – Our international and local teams provide extensive around the clock services to assist you every step of your PMGY adventure.
  • Safety Prioritised – With safety a PMGY number-1 priority, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure our programs are as safe and structured as possible.
  • Extraordinary Experiences – With PMGY, you have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in amazing cultural and travel experiences, ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories.
  • Friendships for Life – Your PMGY experience not only opens up a doorway for new experiences and exciting memories, but also life-long friendships when meeting new people from around the world.

Popular Programs


Brighten up the lives of vulnerable children in Ghana and make a vital and important contribution to their daily lives.


Help young children develop the skills that will help improve their future job prospects. Teach a variety of subjects such as English, Maths and Art.


A fantastic opportunity to gain experience and insight into the health care system. Learn from local staff and get involved in supporting them.


Spend a life-changing 6, 9 or 12 weeks of volunteering across the world’s second-biggest continent in Ghana, fascinating Tanzania & epic South Africa!

Program Reviews

9.76 Rating
based on 117 reviews
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  • 7-8 rating 4.27%
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  • Impact 9.5
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.4
  • Value 9.2
  • Safety 9.7
  • Program Selection 10
  • Pre-departure Help 10
  • In-program Support 10
  • Impact on Student 10
  • Value 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best time ever!

I went to Ghana on the PMGY programme and I can honestly say it's the best decision I've taken in years! Before I had finished planning my trip, I got a lot of support by Philip, who is always available for a quick reply to any question you may have and even for Zoom calls to discuss your plans, and the volunteer handbook which had all the important information in there as well and also provided a detailed description of what to expect when there. At the airport, Kelvin was already waiting for me with a PMGY sign and when I didn't see him at first, the local people were very helpful as well. After a day we travelled to our accommodation which is a lovely house shared with all the volunteers who were there. Being around each other so much really made us bond with each other and you'll make a lot of close friends there. Also the local staff are wonderful and always there to help out, you'll get very close to them as well. If we ever had any questions we could always reach out to one of them and it'd be answered. Personally I did the medical project for three weeks and teaching for one week. The medical project was mostly observatory, though, there are some actions that you can undertake if you ask for it, especially if the healthcare workers get to know you. Going to the hospital will definitely be an enriching experience for your life. The school as well was VIBES. The kids got endless amounts of love in them and they transfer that energy to all of the teachers! In our free time there was always something to do and in the weekends you can go on trips (the PMGY trips are great!). All in all, had an AMAZING time. If you've got any doubts, I'd just say go for it and ask any questions you have to Philip.

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Yes, I recommend this program


I travelled to Ghana with PMGY to do the childcare programme. The trip was an unreal experience and you meet so many amazing people! If you’re concerned about travelling out there on your own, you honestly have nothing to worry about as Seth will meet you and the other arrivals at the airport to take you to the accommodation the next day. The people who look after you whilst you’re out there are really accomplished and will help you with anything you need. The weekend trips are generally something that most volunteers take part in and are really worth going to as you get to do so many interesting things. Volunteering at the orphanage can be overwhelming initially but is overall very rewarding and worth while. You should make sure you take wipes with you and sponges as the water does sometimes go out. It’s also worth taking clothes such as hoodies and other comfortable clothing for when you’re chilling in the evenings and maybe something for going out in as most weeks everyone goes out for karaoke night! Also the more donations you can gather before you go, the better! Even if it’s just stationary, it’s really appreciated.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I ate fufu on the trip which is made from cassava and has a chewy, stretchy texture.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Africa experience

I travelled the Great Africa experience over 6 weeks with PMGY. I started in South africa at the kwantu reserve which was so amazing and great for animal lovers. However if you are there longer than 2 weeks it can get repetitive unless you do the 8 week ranger program. I went to tanzania where the project was amazing and the house staff were so nice. Then in Ghana I had a great time with the taxi drivers who are easy to get along with. Seth also made me feel very welcome and the whole crew were wonderful. Only thing is there isn't many protein options for vegis however this is understandable in a place like kumasi. I would highly recommend this experience as a reliable safe and wonderful trip around Africa's highlights.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible experience with PMGY in Ghana

Had an absolutely lovely time with PMGY in Ghana. Everything pre-departure wise was very well planned and one felt comfortable and save at all times once there. The placement programs are incredibly enriching and rewarding. But keep on open mind when traveling. If you are vegetarian, maybe take some vitamin supplements with you, because the food served is very basic and mostly carbs (if you skip the meat).
But overall I am looking forward to travel and volunteer with PMGY again in the future! :)

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Seeing elephants literally right outside your hotel room is just an unbelievably cool experience!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Medaase PMGY Ghana

Thank you so much to everyone at PMGY for the best month of my life! I went to Ghana and it was the best, most enriching and memorable month of my life. Everyone was so welcoming and had an answer to every question, especially in the booking process. It is a very straight forward process to join the program and you are provided with all the necessary information to be fully prepared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved with PMGY Ghana, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Fufu! We went on a village day and a lovely farmer showed us the plantain and pawpaw he had. We learnt how fufu is made and tried some ourselves! It was very different, so unfamiliar to me and nothing like i have tasted before but so glad I had the experience!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience of my life

I just want to first say a massive thank you to everyone at PMGY for making my experience in Ghana so amazing! The team went above and beyond to ensure we were supported through every step of the process. The multiple to opportunities PMGY gave me during my 4 weeks allowed me to fully submerge myself in the culture and have learnt so much because of that. I was given the chance to try all the projects and maximise my time and I will treasure my experience for the rest of my life. Thank you PMGY for making it possible!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
stop procrastinating and book that ticket! You won’t regret:)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana 2021

Hello, my name is Madison and I’m from Florida, United States.
I only stayed in [Kumasi], Ghana for two weeks, but it was an amazing time.
Even though I’m in the United States and Planmygapyear is a UK-based program, it was feasible for me to sign up and complete the requirements in a timely manner (ex: Visa, Yellow Fever Vaccine). They are a very organized organization and I appreciate it.
The volunteer house, headed by Seth, was a warm and welcoming environment. The people there are open, honest, and caring. Everyone is able to thrive under Seth’s impeccable leadership. If there is something you need, you can always ask. It’s a loving community, no matter how long you are there.
The relationships Seth has built within the community from the drivers to the volunteer locations have been positive and has allowed the volunteers to have a great and smooth experience in Kumasi. The volunteering I did was at the orphanage and teaching at the school. The children love the people that visit and are very respectful.
Additionally, trips outside of the volunteering portion are amazing as well. I was able to climbs mountains, go on a Safari, and visit the capital city, Accra. There is a lot to see and do.
Of course, there’s no place like home, but if you are looking for a great time to volunteer and explore a new culture, this is certainly an opportunity not to miss! Ghana has a deep-rooted culture that cannot be missed!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
The one thing I would change is to change what I packed. I felt like I should have packed a variety of items, but I decided to keep it simple. However, other volunteers were more than kind enough to lend me anything I was missing.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Journey of a lifetime

PMGY Ghana has been my favorite adventure so far. I Traveled to Ghana in May of 2019 alone at 21, It was scary but rewarding to all ends. I participated in the Medical program hoping to gain experience from the hospitals and from day one i was allowed to get hands on. An outreach program was set up and we tested a local school group for malaria. I spent 30 days in the country with the most amazing staff and a great group of volunteers that I can now call lifelong friends. Thorough every challenge I faced in the country the support of the staff was there, the nightly activities are so much fun from dance parties with the local kiddos, learning to balance objects on your head, game night , etc. The food adjustments was the hardest thing I faced, The food is all good but proportions are smaller than usual and if you are staying for a long time the meal change on a daily basis but not weekly so be prepared for that. Everything else was transparent in the handbook so read that clearly! Take the leap to ghana!

What would you improve about this program?
Anything that you would want changed with the program is just ghanian culture like the food or water shortages etc and shouldn't be changed or couldn't.
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