TE Madrid is like family

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

I always wanted to come back to Spain. My parents are from Valladolid, so I wanted to take this opportunity after I finished university in Vancouver to really experience life in my parent’s country (which of course, is also my country). When I showed them the Spanish Passport, they put me in touch with the right offices that would help me process my application for residency. I made sure that I did all of that before I started the course. I was probably in the country a good six weeks before the course started, and I made sure that I had all of my identification documents and passports in line so that I wouldn’t have to worry about everything. I don’t think I need to say that I became pretty popular when I started taking my course. Being able to speak Spanish and English at a native level is a very important thing, and I was hoping to be able to make both languages an effective career path, as I want to work in translating. When the course started, I was pretty happy that the course was fun and interactive, and gave me a lot of good practice with Spanish speakers. I don’t think that I need to tell you that once the class was over, they started speaking to me in Spanish. Again, this is why I became pretty popular when I went over there. It’s not common that a student is able to speak to their English teacher well enough. I got job offers in the last week of the course, and I was able to accept one of them from the time the course ended. I wasn’t surprised, given the fact that I already speak Spanish and English perfectly, and flashing my Spanish passport around was a very big help. Taking the TEFL Course, and getting some experience teaching English in Spain would be very helpful in pursuing my career in interpretation. I have a lot of business contacts who need translators and interpreters who work between both languages. I know that I had to learn a little bit of the technics of the English language in order to graduate. One of the challenges that I had to face when I was doing teaching practice during the course was the possibility of using Spanish. When they explained to me how to elicit a response, it became a lot easier. One thing that I was pretty surprised about was that TE Madrid didn’t need to be so helpful because I had my parents helping me in getting my residency requirements, and they helped me get set up in the city before the course started. They did help get my name and face known to a few companies in Madrid, and for someone who’s trying to get to know their own culture hands-on for the first time, they were very helpful in making that happen. To put it simply, I know how simple it is for me to come over to Spain. I’m pretty sure that there are many opportunities for me, and I like that it’s basically like a second home for me. I’m used to things in Vancouver, but being over in Madrid for as long as I was couldn’t have been easier, and I do have to thank TE Madrid for all the help that they gave me. I’ve wanted to make the move to Spain, and I’m definitely a happy student because they gave me a clear path to my desired career. I was excited to get started, and I’m working on creating interpretation services here in Madrid, so it gave me a lot to get started.

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