The academy was so helpful when it came to finding a job

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

I’m pretty lucky. My mother is from England, so I grew up learning English and Spanish at home. I can also speak with an English accent. I know that’s what most people want here in Spain. They want Native English Speakers, and for the most part, they want them to come from the United Kingdom. I just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Madrid, when was going to look into Master’s programs, when I thought about doing a bit of work on the side to make a bit of extra money. Going to school can definitely be expensive, and you still have expenses to think about. I was on my way out of ICADE, a business school in Madrid when I saw the TEFL Madrid Academy across the street. I figured if I already spoke English, it might be a good idea to do a bit of English teaching while I study. When I walked into the academy, they were very happy to answer all of my questions. They kept the classes small (no more than five students per class, per month), and they were able to get me into a class over the summer. It cut into my vacation plans, but I would still have a lot of time to go to the beach afterwards. When I started my class, I met a couple of people from several places around the world. People were pretty shocked when they found out that I was Spanish, and not English. Still, they went into the technics of the English language, and we were doing Teacher Practice Sessions within a week. I thought it was very good because they get you doing everything that you need to do like managing a classroom, tailoring each class so that it helps people of all levels, eliciting answers from students, and concept-checking questions. Because I was born in Sevilla, I didn’t have to worry about getting registered, or getting on the padron. I already knew how it worked. In fact, I was even happy to help some of the other students familiarize themselves with how to get the residency, but I also like that the people at TE Madrid did the same thing, as well. I’m pretty sure that I would have to go through so many legal and logistic hurdles. I really liked how the staff at the TEFL Academy did their part to help some of the other students get registered and legal when it came to finding jobs and apartments. I was thinking about moving to the area, and accepting a Master’s Program at ICADE across the street. The academy was also helpful when it came to finding a job. Now, I’m pretty sure I could’ve found a job on my own, but what could I say? The people at TE Madrid did a little bit more to help their students, and I really thought that was good. After I got my TEFL Certification, I focused on finding students from the University I was attending. I told TE Madrid that I would probably look for students coming from these schools if they needed assistance. So, they even helped familiarize me with some of the exams that they prepare students for, and gave me a couple of students who were unable to physically make it into the classroom. I’m very lucky to be able to work in the area, study for my Master’s Degree, and help other students who are trying to find opportunities themselves is great. I was particularly happy that TE Madrid basically welcomed me into their family, and helped me set myself as a Private English Tutor while I continue to study across the street.

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