Great time in Fukuoka

Instruction: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Value: 9

The staff was very welcoming in Fukuoka. They greatly encouraged and supported all students and the teachers were remarkably thoughtful and skilled. Everyday was something new. I learned so much about the Japanese culture. Fukuoka had many shops, restaurants, and museums so that there was always something to do or some places to explore.
I made so many Japanese and international friends that I still keep in touch with today. The struggles of language barriers were something I got to experience for the first time and I learned a lot about myself through it. Thanks to all the challenges, my Japanese improved greatly after my stay abroad.
Here is my best advice: You have to speak Japanese! That's the only way you are going to improve. The classes are very productive and worthy, but the best way to remember all that you have studied in class is to speak with locals and don't be afraid of making mistakes.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would