Great Spanish Course in Valencia!

Instruction: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 8
Value: 9

Since my first contact with Euroace, they were really helpfull.
Arriving in Valencia they even offered me a shuttle to pick me up in the airport. In my first week in the city I went to see the school and they helped me with a lot of things, for example how to do the public transportation card and how to acctivate it, and where should I go to buy some things that I was looking for.
The classes and the teachers were also great and the building is really well located. The school is not big, neither the classrooms but they are organized and clean, and also they have one really cool rooftop where you can go during the break of the classes to get some fresh air and eat something, they even offer yoga lessons there!
I could notice that I was learning fast, but one problem is that there are not too many different class levels, so there is the possibility of having classes with persons that are much "worse" or "better" than you in the language, and also there are not many possibilities of schedule.
In general I really reccomend the school, I can´t think of any negative points, and also the price is fair!! The only thing the bodered me, was that I had to leave Europe yearlier because of the CoronaVirus crises, and they said that they couldn´t return me the money, the options were continue with online classes from Brazil or postpone the course to do it later. It was an specific cenario and I think that they should have considered. But besides that my experience there was awesome!!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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