The Intern Group do well in a crisis

Growth: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

We're writing this about the programme set up for our daughter and to say how well the Intern Group have responded to the coronavirus crisis. She arrived in New York for an internship with a not-for-profit just before the outbreak. On her third day in work, it was discovered that the second person with a confirmed case of the virus worked in her building, which was closed down straight away. Over the next ten days, she had to work from home but while the placement organisation were doing their best, there wasn't much they could offer her to do. It soon became clear that the internship was being overtaken by much bigger events and there was no prospect of meaningful work experience. At this point, our daughter agreed with the Intern Group that it was best to suspend the programme, and she left New York to stay with friends in Toronto.

Throughout this difficult and stressful time, everyone we were in touch with at the Intern Group were great. Brian, the contact in New York, could not have done more and went out of his way to help. Hannah, the Americas Head of Experience, has also been tremendous, taking time to call and to follow up all our concerns and questions.

Moreover, the Intern Group has agreed that all the 'unused' time and costs on the internship - including rent - can be held over and put towards a new position and experience once this nightmare with coronavirus is over. This has made a huge difference to our daughter, who feared that months of planning, working, and saving had been wiped out.

Through all this desperately difficult time, the Intern Group's focus has been on treating everyone well and fairly - even, no doubt, where it has come at a financial cost to them. For this, they deserve a lot of credit, and certainly have our thanks.

Well done!

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