Leeds -- The Best Program Few Take Advantage Of

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 8

There is no experience like the Leeds experience.

API staff work diligently to make sure their students are integrated with British students and leave with a true English experience. My Headingley flat was shared with students from the country, and I would be one of two international students in each of my seminars. API offers excursions from an afternoon tea at the Grand Arcade to the best of Edinburgh (Scotland) and a play in city centre, tailoring the trips around student interest.

The academics offered at University of Leeds are challenging but encouraging. My theatre course started with the tutor offering us a cup of tea before the seminar, and my poetry class encouraged me to go beyond my existing understanding to further understand the lyric. While API encourages you to transition to the new system with entry-level classes, they don't keep you from pushing yourself further, and the courses offered at Leeds (that might be nothing like the ones offered back home!) translated well to my home university transcript.

There is so much to see in Leeds, from free museums to the beautiful architecture around campus to the street art you pass walking through Woodhouse Ridge. And the city is central in the country, so you're a coach ride away from Liverpool, a train from Cambridge, and a quick Uber to the airport so you can catch your flight to Paris. No matter where you go, Leeds is quick to capture your heart and feel like a second home.

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