Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 8
Safety: 10

In Bali I spent most of my days at the rehabilitation Centre helping with whatever needed to be done, whether that was feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, spraying the alligators and hawks, or shovelling earth. Helping the Balinese people kept a smile on my face and theirs.

In the mornings we would usually do a beach clean for about two hours. Our ocean has a lot of garbage and the tide brings it up onto the beach everyday. Cleaning the beach was very nice, people started to join us so obviously we brought attention to making the beach clean. I enjoyed this as I felt I was doing a good thing for their community, as well as the environment.

Beside a beach a Balinese man has a turtle conservation hut. He goes everyday, this is his job. He catches and releases large Sea turtles for mating. He hatches the turtles and eventually releases them. We went there a few different days to help him feed and clean the turtles. I really took interest in him because he’s trying to keep the turtle population going. Volunteers are always visiting him and offering to help him. I loved helping the turtles as many are killed by fisherman and plastic.

A forest native to Bali that they call a “man groove” recently got clear cut by the government to put in a freeway. The man groove tree takes years to grow, it provides fruit and a home for many species. I spent two days planting trees to help regrow the forest. Trees are a very important factor to our world and every contribution helps.

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