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Jan 18, 2021
Sep 02, 2022
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About Program

PMGY offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Tabanan, Bali - an hour away from Ubud. Volunteers can teach English, help with wildlife rescue efforts or provide childcare for the local youth, helping to ensure their future is bright.

Our programmes in Bali run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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Program Highlights

  • Most Affordable – PMGY’s programs are accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference, through low fees and high-impact projects.
  • Best Support – Our international and local teams provide extensive around the clock services to assist you every step of your PMGY adventure.
  • Safety Prioritised – With safety a PMGY number-1 priority, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure our programs are as safe and structured as possible.
  • Extraordinary Experiences – With PMGY, you have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in amazing cultural and travel experiences, ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories.
  • Friendships for Life – Your PMGY experience not only opens up a doorway for new experiences and exciting memories, but also life-long friendships when meeting new people from around the world.

Popular Programs


Stay in the rice bowl of Bali in the traditional town of Tabanan and give that most precious commodity of all, your time, to children desperate to learn!


Teach English in this amazing location set amongst rice paddies and local culture. Invest your time in Bali’s children and ensure their future is bright!


This first-hand experience in the Balinese healthcare system will be an eye opening introduction to the mix of traditional and western medical practices.


Help rehabilitate and establish the well-being of over 100 different endangered animals whilst participating on the Bali wildlife programme.


Experience Bali from a different perspective, with an opportunity to explore its natural wonders whilst making a positive impact within the community!

Program Reviews

9.53 Rating
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  • 9-10 rating 83.33%
  • 7-8 rating 16.67%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
  • 1-2 rating 0%
  • Impact 9
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.7
  • Value 9.1
  • Safety 9.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

What an experience!!

I can hands down say that deciding to do plan my gap year bail was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I did the real Bali experience which was incredible allowing me to see the variety Bali has to offer in a safe and secure way! Budi and Mr C were the best guides we could have asked for making sure we had EVERYTHING we could want! I then volunteered for 2 weeks doing the English teaching project which wasn’t long enough in my opinion where I was welcomed into the volunteer house by Indra and his family! All in all I can say if you’re on the fence about whether to go out not I say DO IT! you won’t regret it! I’m already planning on which plan my gap year destination to go next! :)

  • Affordable
  • Good communication
  • Friendly
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wildlife volunteering in Bali

I had an amazing 4 weeks volunteering on the wildlife program with PMGY in Bali. The program is well structured, leaving loads of free time that you can use to explore Bali both during the evenings and (most effectively) at weekends, when you are free to travel further away. The only small note would be that there is sometimes a slight lack of things to do on the program, but I'm sure this will be easily fixed with a few tweaks. The support is all around exceptional both before and during your program, with any questions you might have prior to going answered quickly and clearly. The in-country team are kind, friendly and all-around incredible, especially as I had an injury requiring some medical attention and Indra, Milly and Ketut were amazing in making sure I understood and had everything I needed.
In all, I couldn't recommend the program enough - the team and house are perfect, the country is beautiful and you will make some great friends x

  • Amazing travel
  • Wonderful people
  • Great support
  • Slight lack of activities
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bali experience

I just came back from the PMGY Bali English teaching trip. I had the most amazing time ever, I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world. I went with one of my best friends, but I believe this trip would have been great to go solo, as most people I met on the trip did! Getting there was really smooth and the driver was waiting for us once we arrived at the airport. Once we got to the volunteer house Indra and Nadia greeted us and showed us around the whole house. We quickly felt at peace in our new “home”. Orientation went really smooth and we were able to get volunteering in no time. At the time I was there was about 50 other volunteers so it was amazing to meet so many people from all over the world. Everyone quickly became friends and we’d use our spare time to hang out. The weekends were especially fun to explore Bali with new friends, I’d recommend going to Nusa Penida island just because it’s so beautiful. This experience was 10/10 and I’d recommend PMGY to anyone:)))

  • Easy to make friends
  • Weekends off
  • Volunteering really immerses yourself in the culture
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bali Childcare with PMGY

I did childcare in Bali for 3 weeks and I have to admit these were the most life changing weeks in my life so far. Before I even came I was anxious about the pick up, because I was arriving late in night, so I assumed nobody's going to be there, because you know it's outside their working hours. But I was wrong, staff 10000% will pick you up, no doubt. Also, they will help you to settle in, move your stuff in the house and make sure you are having a good time. In my opinion, accommodation was better than I expected. Really nice rooms, I d want to say even luxurious + they have a pool + you can also sunbath. The food was amazing. You will get to experience 10/10 Indonesian food. For breakfast we had variety of fruits (e.g. Dragonfruit(which personally I am big fan of), watermelon, papaya, pineapple and others). Fulfilling lunch and dinner. Therefore, the house is near from famous Bali night markets(like 7min walk), where you can get everything very cheap and have a good time and maybe bound with your fellow Co-volunteers. I was suprised by the working hours. Childcare was from around 8am till like 11:30am and then lunch break + rest time and then second period from like 2pm till 04:30pm, which, in my opinion, are great working hours and you don't get worn out. Which makes me think that PMGY cares about your well-being. Big shout-out for that! Therefore, you have free time from Thursday evening till Sunday evening, where you can explore Bali!!! How amazing is that?! In fact, if you consider to childcare in Bali, I can promise you it's gonna be one of the most rewarding experiences! Indonesian children are the sweetest and kindest children you will ever meet. I loved spending time with them, playing, being silly, teaching simple English throughout games etc. Staff is great there, they will help you out no matter what! If you consider to do Bali childcare DO IT! I promise you won't regret!P.S. 3 weeks for me flew away so quick, I wish I was there for longer❤️😭

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Indonesian food is very authentic and if you like spicy foods - it's a place for you. I personally, don't enjoy spice as much, but I do love fruits. One of the most unfamiliar fruits I ate was a snake fruit. Its hard to describe how it tasted. It's like a combination of a pear and something else. Try it :) Also, I really liked papaya, dragon fruit. I highly suggest you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with cuisine over there.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Don't overthink, just book!

What an incredible trip. I have nothing bad to say about Bali. Booking is a simple process. The pre departure help was fine, if not slightly unorganised (being asked for documents I had already sent). Apart from that, they were helpful and relatively quick at responding to emails. Josh was very helpful and provided the Volunteer Handbook which is brilliant. It's a book of helpful tips regarding the region you are travelling to, what to expect regarding culture differences, dress codes, meals, details of the project and more. Very thorough guide which helps when you're travelling alone for the first time. Once I arrived in Denpasar airport, I was greeted and taken straight to the volunteer house where I was shown my room. I wasn't told what was going to happen the following day by anyone official, but the other volunteers had the information.However, I do believe this was because I arrived before the PMGY co-ordinators had arrived however, but I met them halfway through my trip. Steph is lovely, really helpful and always works hard to ensure you are happy as much as she can, very positive and dependable. She now works in the PMGY UK office and has still been as great and positive as always. Adriana was really lovely too, bur I believe the co-ordinators in Bali change yearly. Ketut, Indra, Rush and Krishna (the family you will be staying with, at the volunteer house) are so welcoming and so so lovely. Ketut was known to everyone as the Balinese Mum because she was always there to offer some great advice, comforting words and a bright smile. For a lot of the volunteers, this is the first time being away from home, and being in such a different place, so far and in a different time zone with a hugely different culture than the Westernised one, having Ketut there was wonderful. She really makes the personal difference from just being another volunteer to family. The accommodation is really great, lots of common areas to socialise, the rooms are nice and do frequently have warm water (but not constantly). Some rooms are nicer than others, but even the "lower ranked' rooms are cosy and nice. Rush (Ketut's husband) builds the rooms himself and if there are any issues is there to help. The food is really good, but if you don't like rice, I would reconsider! Tabanan is the area in which rice seems to be mass produced and it will essentially be your entire diet. The rice is usually served with some kind of meat, vegetables and sometimes potatoes or pasta, and occasional noodles. I know there were a lot of good options for vegetarians too. I was on the wildlife project, where I worked with various monkeys, crocodiles in a range of sizes, birds such as cockatoos, macaques and horn bills (my favourite) and also a friendly sun bear named Balou. You will be on project Monday-Thursday and will either work from 8-11am or 2-4pm. Sometimes you get the opportunity to go to a turtle or cat sanctuary if there are a lot of volunteers. Typical work would be to cut fruit for the animals, feed them and then clean their cages when they are finished. A lot of the work may be thinking on your feet and using your initiative as there may seem like little work, but there is always something to do. On the weekends (Friday-Sunday) you are free to do as you please. Whilst Bali is a small island there is an ENORMOUS range of things to do, whether you head up north and do some adrenaline filled activities such as waterfall jumping or paragliding in Lovina, or if you want to head down south and go to Asias largest waterpark, WATERBOM, or head to the Gili Islands to the east of Bali. There is a huge amount to do and a wonderful mix between traditional Balinese culture, and the growing tourism market where Westernised culture is being implemented.

For anyone coming here, I would say come with no expectations, and you will have an amazing time. You will be blown away by the friendliness of the family, making new friends and the work you contribute to the projects. Don't even think before booking, just book it. With an open mind, you will have the most incredible experience.

What would you improve about this program?
I don't have a lot of bad things to say on this program. Perhaps to have a little more information and a goal when working at the Wildlife centre. However, I know that the co ordinator Steph had begun taking steps towards this as I was leaving so they may already be in place.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with PMGY was simply unforgettable

I decided to spend a summer month volunteering because it’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time but, because of various engagements, I had never had the chance. I had no doubts that south-east Asia would be my destination since it’s an area I’ve been in love with since I spent a year in Hong Kong as an exchange student. I surfed the internet, looking at various options, but PMGY caught my eye because of the comprehensive, well structured, interesting programs it offers. When I made contact with them, I immediately felt they could be trusted, and I was absolutely right! I chose PMGY Bali English Teaching Program and I had the time of my life. Nothing has ever made me as happy as helping those lovely and loving children. They are so willing, dedicated and warm that they really changed my life! The program is perfectly organised, you are briefed as soon as you get there, assisted in getting settled and shown around time. There is private transport to take you to the schools and you are joined by local teachers there, but you are free to plan your own work. Don’t think you are not up to it, because all you need is energy and a smile on your face! I didn’t have any experience teaching and English is not my first language, but I managed perfectly and I took back home a suitcase full of thank you letters and drawings my beloved children made for me! The volunteer house is clean, cool and comfortable, the meals are traditional delicious recipes and always abundant. You have a supervisor living right next to you who is always available not only for emergencies, but also to give you advice and help you out with your work as well as with your free time activities. Working week is Monday through Thursday which leaves you with a long weekend to go on trips and explore the amazing island of Bali and beyond. Life is very cheap, therefore, expecially travelling as a group, I was able to afford doing and seeing everything even on my limited budget. You don’t have any expenses while on the program, so you can spend your money on travelling. I would end up writing a book if I told you about everything I saw, from fascinating waterfalls, to jungle hills to pristine beaches and crystal clear waters…….go and see it all with your own eyes! PMGY Bali is a full immersion in a totally different lifestyle which will make you broaden your horizons. But I have left for last the best part about volunteering with PMGY: the volunteers! A bunch of varied, multinational, multicultural, eclectic, fun young people who share two basic goals: making a difference and exploring the world! You will meet the most interesting people and make life long friendships with PMGY. You can leave on your own, but you will never be alone there: you will have staff to support you and tens of volunteers to share your days and your trips with. You will feel you are part of a community who is giving a positive, if small, contribution to a better world.

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Yes, I recommend this program


In Bali I spent most of my days at the rehabilitation Centre helping with whatever needed to be done, whether that was feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, spraying the alligators and hawks, or shovelling earth. Helping the Balinese people kept a smile on my face and theirs.

In the mornings we would usually do a beach clean for about two hours. Our ocean has a lot of garbage and the tide brings it up onto the beach everyday. Cleaning the beach was very nice, people started to join us so obviously we brought attention to making the beach clean. I enjoyed this as I felt I was doing a good thing for their community, as well as the environment.

Beside a beach a Balinese man has a turtle conservation hut. He goes everyday, this is his job. He catches and releases large Sea turtles for mating. He hatches the turtles and eventually releases them. We went there a few different days to help him feed and clean the turtles. I really took interest in him because he’s trying to keep the turtle population going. Volunteers are always visiting him and offering to help him. I loved helping the turtles as many are killed by fisherman and plastic.

A forest native to Bali that they call a “man groove” recently got clear cut by the government to put in a freeway. The man groove tree takes years to grow, it provides fruit and a home for many species. I spent two days planting trees to help regrow the forest. Trees are a very important factor to our world and every contribution helps.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
When I arrived at the airport trying to find my taxi. I just took my time, walked slow and focused on myself.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience in Bali, Indonesia with Pmgy

Staying in a Balinese town was amazing, everyone was so friendly, and I always felt safe. The volunteer house was beautiful, the main level had a covered kitchen area and picnic tables for everyone to sit and eat. The pool was beautiful, there was 4 levels with rooms and space to relax. The family that lives at the volunteer house are absolutely amazing and make every meal! Everyone was put Into groups based on what program you are in. I was in a group of six and each day there was a schedule of two activities for us. I had a lot more free time then I thought I would so I’m glad I brought a book and journal to record my experiences.
I recommend taking jam, peanut butter or something for toast. Also something to put on white rice!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
My advice is, don’t over pack, just bring essentials and some clothes because you can wash them yourself or take them to the Laundromat 3 minutes away from the volunteer house.
Go there with an open mind, be willing to learn about their culture and always be respectful of others.
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