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Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in Bali from $270

PMGY offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Tabanan, Bali - an hour away from Ubud. Volunteers can teach English, help with wildlife rescue efforts or provide childcare for the local youth, helping to ensure their future is bright.

Our programmes in Bali run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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I recently returned home from the most amazing 6 weeks in Bali. The whole experience was so much fun, well organised and a completely unique travelling experience which allows to visit many different places as well as taking part in some amazing projects. I did the childcare project, which was so much fun. The children were just incredible, so loving and happy and always to willing to learn. The project involves basic care of the babies and children, playing with them and teaching basic English, and every day is different! Working with these kids is hard work, but so worth it and an invaluable experience.
The pre-departure support was great, PMGY were always on hand to help and answer any questions. It was nice to have such good support when sorting things such as the visa, especially for first time travellers.
One of my favourite things about PMGY Bali is that the accommodation is with a family, meaning that you instantly feel at home. Ketut, Rush, Indra and family are so welcoming, nothing is too much trouble and therefore the in country support is amazing.
Weekends are great as you have the freedom to travel to different spots around the island, making new friends and seeing some of the most beautiful places you will ever find. The PMGY planned trips are great value for money, and ensures you see all the best spots and tourist locations! Each place I visited at the weekends was different, and each having their own unique features, making it very hard to chose a favourite! Uluwatu had the most beautiful beaches, the culture in Ubud was amazing and Seminyak had fab shops and places to eat.
As well as this, the volunteer house is located near to many great places to visit in the evenings after project, such as Tannah Lot temple. Tabanan also has a nigh market every night, and the best donut shop which was always very popular!!!

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United Kingdom
Leeds Metropolitan University

Four weeks in Bali


In November I returned from four weeks volunteering in Tabanan, Bali in the childcare project. This was my first time travelling, and doing it alone was really nerve-racking but the whole experience was absolutely amazing.
I booked my place with Plan My Gap Year and left for Bali quite quickly, I only had about two months to prepare but PMGY were very efficient and helpful throughout the preparation process and answered any questions I had quickly. There was a really thorough volunteer handbook to read through and useful webinar sessions you could sign onto.
The childcare programme was incredible, the children were so amazing and I still miss them massively! The childcare programme was mostly looking after the children, and playing with them with a little bit of basic teaching involved. The children are so loving. I loved every minute of it.
I really loved that in Bali, your accommodation includes living with a local family who were amazing! Ketut, Rush, Indra and family were so welcoming and accommodating. It really made the experience 10x better living with such a lovely family. We even got to attend a family wedding which was a great experience.
During my four weeks, I never once felt unsafe and the locals in Tabanan and different areas in Bali were so friendly. Travelling around different places in Bali on our weekends was unbelievable and I am so happy I got to see the places I did, each one was unique and beautiful.
Overall, my time in Bali was incredible and I would love to go back again.

How can this program be improved?

Reading about the childcare programme on the PMGY website and in the volunteer handbook, and actually doing it was completely different. I didn't actually experience some of the things it said I would on the website and it maybe needs updating from some recent volunteers.
Although there was an orientation activity to show you around the area you would be staying, going into the actual project (childcare), there was no introduction and you learn everything you need to know from the current volunteers so maybe a bit of preparation or introduction to the programme when you arrive would be good.


Bali 2017


My experience volunteering in Bali was unbelievable. I did childcare which also involved a bit of teaching. I came into it with no idea of what i was doing, just like most volunteers I'm sure but it was amazing. The children were beautiful, bright and kind souls that smiled no matter what. They were always up for having fun and running around and they really loved colouring in! Although they were young and it's hard to learn another language at their age, they tried their hardest and seeing that was the most rewarding feeling. The Akasa family made us feel like part of their own family and I will always be grateful for that because they made everyone feel so welcomed in their home! Bali overall was incredible. Travelling on weekends with friends and every making new memories that will never be forgotten was amazing. The locals were always very friendly and you never felt out of place there. I loved every minute of this experience and would 100% do it again.

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18 years old



I have just returned from the best 2 months in Bali.
Before leaving the pre departure support was amazing! I read the hand book thoroughly before i left and it prepared me massively for the trip. Any extra questions i had were answered immediately by either josh or philip, reassuring me that i would love the trip.

While there i took part in two projects, both the childcare and teaching. Both projects were incredible. The child care consisted of looking after children from 6months-6 years, carrying out general care, including feeding, washing, play and teaching english for a short 45 minute lesson. The children are a dream to teach and care for, they are the liveliest of kids and you will instantly fall in love with their cheeky/playful personalities. The childcare centre is based in a nunnery meaning you get to work along side the nuns and carers. Please do speak to them, their english is basic but they are the sweetest of people and really appreciate your help and attempts at learning the language.
The teaching project is equally as good. Volunteers are expected to plan lessons for the week, this requires creativity however once you get going it's super easy! In the mornings you teach at a different school every day allowing you do meet all kinds of children. Indra comes along to help translate, he is externally helpful and very talented at his job making the volunteers job much easier. In the afternoon you teach at akasa, here you teach the same children every day. These kids are the sweetest, they are forever writing you notes and asking for hugs and signatures. It is a really enjoyable class and the part i loved most about teaching.

Now for my favourite part of the trip! The family! The family you stay with are the nicest group of people i have ever met. Ketut, Rush, Indra, Krisna, Go Ni Ni and the rest of the family are all amazing, every single person made me feel so welcome. The family pride themselves on making every single person feel like part of the family, it's such a lovely part of their culture and was one of the reasons why my trip was so successful! Nothing was too much for them, anything you needed was attended to immediately. At first Krisna( the youngest son) was so shy, but after many attempts at speaking to him he really came out of his shell. Please do make an effort to speak to him, he is the sweetest person and listening to his music is truly magical. Indra is such a key part to the team, he takes you on your induction day, on the pmgy weekend trips and organises all transport for you. He is always there for the volunteers and does such an amazing job at making everyone feel welcome.
The accomodation is beyond anything i could imagine, you are provided with mosquito nets and bedding and each room has an ensuite. The water in the shower is cold however after a day in the heat it was well needed. Rush and the team are currently in the mist of building a new part to the home which will eventually mean that all volunteers are in the same house! They are consistently trying to improve their destination in order to ensure all volunteers are happy with their stay!

My only advice to volunteers would be to go for it! Don't hesitate, get involved in as much as you can, embrace as much culture as you can and enjoy your self, you won't regret it!

I had the most amazing time in Bali and met the most incredible people. Thank you so much to my balinese family, without you my trip wouldn't have been as amazing as it was! Aku cinta kamu💛


Amazing experience


The wild life project in Bali was an amazing experience! Ketut and her family made me feel very welcome in their home. Everything was well organised. The project was on mon-thu and we had a lot of free time. Animal keepers at the project gave us a lot of information about the animals in the centre and their stories. I really recommend this project. The food was amazing and veggie option always available. I would go again and for longer this time, 2 weeks don’t seem to be enough :)

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20 years old
University of the West of England

My experience - summer 2017


I have lived with the most welcoming, nicest people ever. Bali is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and I think it's something that you have to do. It's also very touristy and commercial - something that... surprised me, although maybe it shouldn't have had. I think it's either about accepting it or finding the balance. The kids are incredibly, incredibly enthusiastic, and want to learn - sometimes you'll hear them repeating after you "can you read this out" but the more love and positivity you'll give them, the more you will get back. I taught a class of 7 years old which didn't understood a word, I had no translation. And yes it is possible! I'd say, brace yourself for the Brother's School. It is difficult, but it is difficult because the school is underfunded, because kids for the majority of time did not have teachers. I'd say go to the healer and... be respectful, just don't take it to heart. Because by his word I'm supposed to go mad. Someone was told to through her used underwear into the sea. Don't ask about stuff that is important to you. Gili islands are amazing. Amazing, I loved every second of it, it's a must go to.

How can this program be improved?

What really, really needs to be done is structure, continuity in the work that volunteers are doing. Bali is a very new program and being there, talking to Ketut I very quickly realised how hard it is do something with such a huge rotation of volunteers. Because this rotation makes the program almost re-start every 2 weeks.
Being a teacher I never knew - despite really, really trying to find a way of figuring it out - what has been taught already.
I left a lot of suggestions with Ketut, I'm just gonna leave some them here as well.
I would want to suggest hand-overs of the lesson plans ( a little log where teachers can very briefly state what they have taught) and de-briefs - where volunteers can reflect on the classes, because that allows the program to develop - I know that many, many people were not trying any harder than they needed to not because they didn't want to or they didn't had the skill to do it - we had some wonderful, experienced teachers there. But purely because they believed they can't do enough in 2 or 3 weeks time, and I know how much knowing that something that you've started will be continued helps with that.
I would also like to see the teachers coming onto the program being able to note down their tips or activities so new volunteers have a huge pool of ideas to start with - when I arrived the only thing in use was Bingo and we slowly developed more and more ideas, but I feel like a lot of this gets lost.


Bali 2017


In July 2017 I travelled to Bali on a 4-week endeavour through Plan My Gap Year. This is the second time I've went abroad with PMGY, having gone to Sri Lanka in 2016, and I honestly cannot get enough of how amazing everything about the projects are!

Once you are accepted onto the project, you immediately are given tons of information to help you prepare for your trip, including what to bring and background information on what the culture and environment will be like. Any questions you have, Josh and Philip work round the clock to answer and they help put your mind at ease with any worries or concerns. I found this support to be incredible as I had to do little extra research about Bali and it helped me gain accurate expectations on what the project would be like.

I cannot hype up Bali as a destination enough, from the moment you arrive you are showered with love by the in-country team, which ended up becoming a second family. Everything from the food to accommodation was amazing, it was incredibly easy settling in and Bali felt like home after only a few days. Indra was an amazing coordinator to have, always making sure everyone was alright and making them laugh. Ketut and Rush felt like my Bali parents and they worked tirelessly to see every volunteer was content. Even if you felt the slightest bit unwell, they would do anything they could to make you feel better - truly treating you like their own. Katherine was an outstanding coordinator, she cares so much about the greater good of the world and it shows in how dedicated she is to making the project the best they can be. My time in Bali would not have been the same without her, she became one of my best friends due to how down to earth and lovable she is. I honestly can't fault the in-country support one bit, every aspect of it was outstanding and I think all PMGY destinations should aspire to have support as good as Bali does.

The project in itself was a dream, I was doing English teaching and each day we'd get the chance to go to a new school and interact with new kids of different ages. This allowed us to never get bored and challenged us as what we were teaching constantly had to change to fit the different abilities of the children. After the morning classes we would then teach the kids which voluntarily want to improve their English at Akasa, which would allow us to properly interact with them and see their progress. The kids were absolutely amazing, they are so eager to learn and so grateful - even if you have no experience in teaching, it's so easy to get the hang of.

Bali is genuinely the most beautiful place I've ever seen, I'm so honoured I got the chance to go there through PMGY and have such an amazing experience. Being able to teach during the week and make an impact on the life's of the children was so rewarding, and having the opportunity every weekend to explore Bali and see all it has to offer was mesmerising. I would highly recommend this project to anyone who wants to travel, you get so much out of so little with PMGY and you meet the most incredible people from all around the world. I'm confident that my time in Bali has truly made me a better person and the memories I have from my 4-weeks travelling will stick by me forever. I can't wait for my next adventure with PMGY, which I'm sure will be soon!

How can this program be improved?

I loved everything about the program, I can't think of any improvements!


So good!


I've volunteered with other organisations and pmgy is the best for sure! I did 3 weeks on the childcare programme in Bali! After signing up, you receive a very detailed handbook which contains everything you need to know about PMGY, your programme, safety advice, contact details, country info, etc. The PMGY UK staff are very helpful and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your programme, helping with visas, etc. Upon arriving at the airport, I was welcomed by PMGY staff, and taken to the volunteer house. We were welcomed again by in-country staff at the house, and was given a detailed orientation. Ketut, her family, Katherine, and all the other pmgy staff in tabanan were very welcoming and attentive to any concerns or questions we had. You could literally ask them anything and they'd sort it for you straight away! The accommodation in Tabanan is great! You'll either stay in one of three houses, but you'll spend most time in the main house, where the wifi is! The programme itself was very rewarding. I worked on the project for around 4-5 hours per day, Monday to Thursday, and there's quite a bit of flexibility (some days I did childcare, other days teaching older kids, some days painting schools, etc). Overall, it's definitely been one of the best things I've ever done. You'll meet loads of cool people and it's sooo fun! I'd definitely recommend making the most of your weekends, whether it's going on organized trips that PMGY offer, or just travelling independently with others. I'd say 3 weeks is a decent amount of time, but I'd love to have stayed another week or two for sure!

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22 years old
United Kingdom
University of Southampton

Bali English Teaching 3 weeks


Volunteered in Bali for 3 weeks, and absolutely loved it. Ketut, Rush and Indra were so welcoming and I felt right at home in Tabanan. Accommodation and food were lovely.

The project was enjoyable; the kids were brilliant and the lessons we taught were very fun All volunteers were so friendly. The weekends were great because it allowed some travel time of your own, either by yourself or with the PMGY trips. If you needed transport Indra was brilliant at sorting it out for you. Bali has so many things on to see and do: waterfall, Mt Batur, the Gili Islands, rice fields... As long as you're willing to try new things, you will have the best time in Bali. I definitely did!


Bali English teaching for 3 weeks


Bali was the best experience ever! The volunteer accommodation in ketut's home was much better than I expected and the meals were really nice, a good mix of Balinese and western. All the girls at the volunteer house were so friendly and ketut, rush and Indra are the most welcoming family ever and would do anything to make your stay as happy and safe as possible.
The project work was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot, however I would suggest bringing some of your own materials with you e.g. Stickers, board pens, worksheets, maybe some games, to ensure you keep the teaching fun and provide variety.
The evenings in tabanan are very chilled but you can definitely find things to do e.g. Watch movies, karaoke, night markets, yoga, danke cafe etc we even went to the cinema one night.
Weekends were really fun but I would suggest organising your own trips when you arrive as it is super easy to book transport with Indra and book hostels etc as the wifi at the house is good enough.
Cannot recommend this trip enough, you will have the best time if you are open to a new culture and trying new things!

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19 years old
University of Bristol

Bali volunteering


I volunteered in Bali for 4 weeks and loved my experience here. I was on the childcare programme and loved teaching the kids at the kindergarten. This experience was completely new to me but I felt like I was supported well by the lovely team in Bali. Everyone I met at the volunteer house was so friendly and made a great social environment and there was plenty of oppurtunity for travel experience too. The volunteer house was great with good, safe facilities and a good breakfast lunch and dinner provided daily, with such helpful transport provided for us pretty much everywhere we went! The team in Bali are amaizng and I will never forget my time here :).

How can this program be improved?

The only adjustment I would make would be to revolve the childcare programme more around the childcare - as we mainly just taught English to younger kids.

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26 years old
University of Surrey

Bali - May 2017


I have just completed a month volunteering in Bali and it has been one of the best experiences. Teaching English was completely new to me, especially teaching in a foreign country but I felt at ease as there was a lot of guidance from the programme leaders in Bali. The children were great to work with and very eager to learn which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Their energy definitely put a smile on my face everyday!
I felt very safe and looked after the whole time I was there which gave me the confidence to explore everything the island had to offer.
I have been raving about my experience to anyone who will listen and would recommend this volunteer program to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and who are looking to give back in one of the best ways possible.


Bali month


I really enjoyed my whole month in bali! I met some amazing people and enjoyed teaching the children of all ages. All of the weekends were very fun and everyone was up for going away, I would suggest not booking any pre-planned trips and wait till you get there. Gili T was my favourite place to go for the weekend so definitely visit there :). Everything whilst I was there ran very smoothly - all transport is sorted for you and the family you stay with are extemely welcoming!

How can this program be improved?

I signed up for childcare however most of the time taught English. This actually turned out to be better because I felt more useful and like I could help more. The childcare was awkward at times as the children weren't used to us and cried all the time as they were scared.

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20 years old
University of Salford



Pre-departure support is given via specially set-up social media groups for the individual programmes where you have direct access to volunteers that are already on the programme, Phillip, Josh and the in country support. You can ask any questions and someone who knows the answer is guaranteed to get back to you within 24 hours. You are also sent a volunteer handbook which has lots of information, with practically anything you need to know and more- including phrases you may need in that particular language.
The in-country support was next to perfect. We were with Ketut and her amazing family. They dedicate their lives to ensuring you are safe, well and enjoying the programme. They even contacted me when I arrived home to make sure I got there safely and my journey went smoothly. You live with them, so your safety is guaranteed and they are a 24/7 support. They were brilliant. I was quite homesick when I first arrived in Bali and they supported me so much and helped me get through it, I also fell and triggered a recurring injury. The family were brilliant at ensuring I was okay.
The programme is ideal if you want to gain experience of working with young children or teaching. If you can teach English to Indonesian children, you can teach anything! The day is set up so you teach at local schools for an hour in the morning and teach local children at an optional English lesson in the afternoon at Ketut's home. The teachers at the local schools speak very little English, but members of Ketut's family come to the placements with you if you need any support while teaching or need to speak to the children in Indonesian.
The accommodation is brilliant. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that good. The beds are comfy, you are provided with meals, there is good wi-fi if you need it, the rooms are single-sex with a kitchen specifically for the volunteers and each bedroom has a bathroom. There are also lockers and wardrobes at your disposal.
The only advice I would give to future volunteers is to bring bug spray (lots of it and apply it as much as you can!) and to take all the support given to you while you are there. If there are volunteers that have been there a while take all of their advice- they know how to make the most out of the experience.

How can this program be improved?


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22 years old
University College Birmingham

2 Weeks in Tabanan, Bali


I have just returned from 2 weeks with PMGY in Bali on the English Teaching programme. I had never done anything like this before however, I can honestly say that 2 weeks just wasn't long enough in such a beautiful part of the world. The support and knowledge you receive before leaving the country completely puts your mind at ease. Josh and Phillip respond to any questions you may have and the whole process ran so smoothly. I knew Plan My Gap Year were a reliable company to go with as my cousin had previously used them to go to Sri Lanka. Once you have booked, you will receive your volunteer handbook which literally has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know from information about the country, culture and people to a check list of everything you need to bring with you. Bali is a new programme with PMGY and from my short experience, I just know it will become so popular. Ketut, the in-country coordinator was amazing. Her whole family are so caring and protective of all the volunteers and just want you to have the best time possible. You are located in Tabanan which is inland and is very different to other touristy parts of Bali. You are fully immersed into their culture and you will understand why the help of volunteers is needed in this particular part of Bali. The volunteer house is separated into same sex bedrooms with bunk beds housing approximately 8 per room. You are provided with linen, a mosquito net and a set of lockers so you can keep your valuables safe. I was on the English Teaching programme and we would teach primary school age. We would work Monday to Thursday and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to travel. A typical day on the programme would consist of us getting to school for approximately 9:30am (this would differ) and teaching for around an hour/an hour and a half. We would then return to the volunteer house for lunch before the group of children would come to the house in the afternoon to be taught. The children are so enthusiastic to learn and you can really see the difference that the volunteers make. For anyone wanting something completely different and exciting, choose PMGY Bali! You honestly won't regret it! You are looked after from start to finish so there is really nothing to worry about at all.

53 years old
Iserlohn, Germany

Let the Bali Experience Begin


I am a 52 year old female and this is the 2nd time I have volunteered with PMGY, don't let age ever stop you from doing the things you want in life. The planning and organisation pre-departure is great, the staff are friendly and available to answer any questions. Whilst on the project they are available 24/7 so the overall security is reassuring. Most people would have trawled the net for good deals and I can honestly say that PMGY is value for money.
Bali was absolutely incredible, Ketut, Rush and family are fantastic people, very helpful and what they have done for the children of Tabanan is very humbling. Rush is an architect and designed the volunteer house, home from home, hot & cold showers and air con.
The after school club is held at the homestead, which is beautiful, even down to the mezzanine library above. The children supposed to come at 2pm but most days they are eager and come early. The mornings the volunteers teach at the school, unlucky for me, as they were on holiday the first week so that gave me and other volunteers chance to spend time exploring Bali.
There are so many things to see in Bali, no where is too far. From a trip to the Gili Islands to para sailing and snorkelling in Sanur, Bali is stunning. It's worth a trip to Ubud to the artisan market and the monkey forest, the rice terraces and various temples Bali is a must for anyone.
The average age may only be 19, there wasn't the opportunity like there is today, so don't ever let that put you off.
I'm definitely planning another trip in 2018

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20 years old
University of Birmingham

A great two weeks in Bali


I had an incredible time teaching English in Bali for two weeks this summer. The support from PMGY before leaving for Bali was great - every question was answered promptly. When we arrived in Tabanan, where the volunteering is based, we were looked after warmly by Ketut and her family who could not have done any more to ensure that we settled in smoothly. The only drawback was the location which was very remote, and I therefore ended up spending much more money to travel around the amazing island than I had anticipated. However, this was certainly outweighed by the reward of teaching children who desperately needed input and guidance from native English speakers. Overall, despite some hanging around at points during the day I would definitely recommend Bali, as it is a wonderful place and everybody I met doing the volunteering had an amazing time!

How can this program be improved?

More provision/subsidy of transport to travel to surrounding areas as Tabanan is quite remote.

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20 years old

The most amazing experience


Tabanan, Bali, where I volunteered for one month, the best month of my life by far. Being in the first group of volunteers to start the Childcare project I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect. However, the pre-departure support was brilliant and the volunteer handbook provided more than enough information on insurance, visas, what to pack, where to go.. absolutely everything you needed!
I was picked up from the airport by a driver and taken to the family home in Tabanan where I was welcomed by the loveliest family - Ketut, Rush, Indra and Krisna. Us volunteers stayed in a room with bunkbeds, and had access to our own bathroom and a kitchen downstairs if we wanted to cook extra food - but there was really no need. Ketut made the most amazing food, and plenty so you'll never be hungry haha.
In the mornings I would teach English to 6-9 year old kids at the nearby school, starting at 8:30 - 10:00. Then in the afternoons I would look after kindergarten children, of around 3-4 years old from 14:00-15:00 . There was also an afternoon club at Akasa (a school set up by ketut in the house you stay), where the kids would come for extra curricular activities and it was so much fun 14:00-15:30. We organised arts and craft days, had a sports day, taught a wide rage of subjects in English and played games. It was so lovely to see the progress that the children made.
When we weren't teaching, Rush and Ketut would help us organise trips at the weekends, so we could really see all of Bali. We visited Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud all in one weekend and had such a laugh. Spending the day at the beach and going for drinks at night, was bliss. We also went to the Gili Islands which i highly recommend. Although we were away for the weekends, Ketut was always available via facebook or phone if we ever needed any advice. She was brilliant.
In the evenings after teaching, Ketut and Rush also made sure we had plenty to do. Rush would take us to see local sights, like the Ulun Danu Bratan Temple in Tabanan which is beautiful, swimming in the Gitgit waterfalls and bathing in hot springs. We went to an art festival in Denpasar and attended 2 of the family ceremonies, so you will really get a chance to learn about the culture too.
Basically, if you're considering Bali with PMGY... Do it! It was such an amazing experience, in such a beautiful country with so much to do and see! Ketut, Rush and their family are the most kind hearted people who really go out of their way to make sure you have a brilliant time. I highly recommend going!
If you search #pmgybali on Instagram some of my pictures are up from the trip :)

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21 years old

Bali English teaching


I've just arrived back from spending an amazing month in the new project in Bali and absolutely loved it. It was my first time travelling on my own and the pre-departure support and handbook meant all my questions were answered and I knew exactly what I needed and the type of work we'd be doing which was a great help. I was picked up at the airport and brought to the volunteer house and stayed with the most amazing family, who went above and beyond to make sure we got to see and experience Bali. Ketut and her family took such great care of us and were a great help. We taught in different schools in Tabanan and also at the Akasa school at the house which Ketut herself set up. It was amazing to be able to work with the children and see them improve and grow in confidence. Ketut and Rush also gave us great advice for our weekend travels and helped organise our taxis and advised on certain trips. They also went out of their way to bring us to local temples, waterfalls, festivals and ceremonies during the week in the evenings so we were constantly seeing and experiencing the Balinese culture. I met some amazing people and had the best time in Bali and would highly recommend it to anyone. A beautiful country with beautiful people!

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