Best experience of my life

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I must start by saying that my time abroad in New Zealand was absolutely the best experience of my life. I stayed there for the full 6 months that my student visa allowed me to, and I am so grateful to have gone through TEAN's program. I met some of my best friends (from all over the globe), went on multiple road trips around the entire country, walked on a glacier, surfed, and so much more.

TEAN was absolutely AMAZING. They were always just a quick email or phone call away if I needed anything. My university did not have any courses pre-approved for the University of Otago, but TEAN helped me immensely throughout this pre-approval process. Additionally, I was very unsure about what university I wanted to study abroad at in New Zealand. I switched around three times before settling on the University of Otago! TEAN was so incredibly flexible and understanding and helped me ultimately decide on Otago (which was undoubtedly the right choice for me).

The TEAN representatives at the University of Otago were also outstanding. They were Kiwis (from New Zealand), and were a great resource for any questions about Kiwi culture, recommendations for travel, food, or just about anything! They went above and beyond to plan fun outings for their TEAN students. What I really appreciated was that they were there if we needed them, but they also let us explore and have our own individual experiences. Planned events were frequent enough to keep in touch and check in, but spaced out enough to let us explore on our own. I really can't say enough good things about how TEAN takes care of its students while they are abroad, while still allowing them to be independent with their experience. Thank you TEAN!!

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