The Global Volunteers Reaching Children's Potential Program in Tanzania -

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

In January 2020, I spent 3 weeks working with the people of the rural villages of Ipalamwa and Mkalanga, Tanzania. Our volunteer group consisted of people from around the USA and New Zealand, with Winnie as our amazing team leader. The remote villages of this area have no electrical service or modern plumbing. Our team members did classroom teaching in the schools of Mkalanga and Ipalwama villages and participated in home visits. The nurses in our group led health workshops and worked in the medical clinic. The purpose of the Reaching Children's Potential Program is to prevent childhood stunting so that healthy children can reach their full potential. The Global Volunteers Health Clinic is an important and vital resource to the community. The home visits provide needed support to the families in the program. Working with the children in the kindergarten and second grade and going on home visits were the most rewarding experiences for me personally. This life-changing program in rural Tanzania is one of the most meaningful and memorable ventures I have ever participated in.

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