My experience with PMGY was simply unforgettable

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 9

I decided to spend a summer month volunteering because it’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time but, because of various engagements, I had never had the chance. I had no doubts that south-east Asia would be my destination since it’s an area I’ve been in love with since I spent a year in Hong Kong as an exchange student. I surfed the internet, looking at various options, but PMGY caught my eye because of the comprehensive, well structured, interesting programs it offers. When I made contact with them, I immediately felt they could be trusted, and I was absolutely right! I chose PMGY Bali English Teaching Program and I had the time of my life. Nothing has ever made me as happy as helping those lovely and loving children. They are so willing, dedicated and warm that they really changed my life! The program is perfectly organised, you are briefed as soon as you get there, assisted in getting settled and shown around time. There is private transport to take you to the schools and you are joined by local teachers there, but you are free to plan your own work. Don’t think you are not up to it, because all you need is energy and a smile on your face! I didn’t have any experience teaching and English is not my first language, but I managed perfectly and I took back home a suitcase full of thank you letters and drawings my beloved children made for me! The volunteer house is clean, cool and comfortable, the meals are traditional delicious recipes and always abundant. You have a supervisor living right next to you who is always available not only for emergencies, but also to give you advice and help you out with your work as well as with your free time activities. Working week is Monday through Thursday which leaves you with a long weekend to go on trips and explore the amazing island of Bali and beyond. Life is very cheap, therefore, expecially travelling as a group, I was able to afford doing and seeing everything even on my limited budget. You don’t have any expenses while on the program, so you can spend your money on travelling. I would end up writing a book if I told you about everything I saw, from fascinating waterfalls, to jungle hills to pristine beaches and crystal clear waters…….go and see it all with your own eyes! PMGY Bali is a full immersion in a totally different lifestyle which will make you broaden your horizons. But I have left for last the best part about volunteering with PMGY: the volunteers! A bunch of varied, multinational, multicultural, eclectic, fun young people who share two basic goals: making a difference and exploring the world! You will meet the most interesting people and make life long friendships with PMGY. You can leave on your own, but you will never be alone there: you will have staff to support you and tens of volunteers to share your days and your trips with. You will feel you are part of a community who is giving a positive, if small, contribution to a better world.

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