Short but valuable experience

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

As one of my best friends is a Chinese descendent, I'm always very curious and passionate about Chinese culture. When I get the chance to participate in this program, I'm very excited!

I arrived in Beijing two weeks before the Chinese New Year. I love the city and my host family. My host siblings are three and six-year-old, very active and smart girls. We warm up very quickly. 10 January, one week before the Chinese New Year, I joined the the whole family and travelled to host father's hometown in Sichuan, a city famous for pandas and hot-pot! I feel so lucky to have such a rich experience until the outbreak of COVID-19.

We didn't feel unsafe as we are very far away from the center of the outbreak. But all the new year events have to be cancelled. I'm always very postive. We take this indoor time to connect and know more about each other. I had very valuable time with my host children, introducing British culture and my culture in Cardiff. It's very interesting for me to learn Chinese culture from the kids. One of the books they shared to me is very interesting to me, a Journey to the West. I managed to find the English version of the book when I came back.

In middle February, I left my lovely Chinese family and came back to UK due to the national wide quarantine in China. Although I didn't finish the four-month as planned, it's still very valuable experience to me. And many thanks to EduPal China team. They have always been very supportive and understanding. Hopefully, I will join you again in the near future.

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