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Edu-Pal China program, abbr. as EPC, is an in-depth cultural exchange experience for foreign young adults to explore china.

Edu-Pal, abbr. as EP, is a home-stay educational assistance in a local family, assisting family with language tutoring (mostly English), educational activities, and childcare.

Edu-Pal program is also an educational program for Edu-Pals with Mandarin learning and cultural courses. The immersed Chinese language and cultural environment will contribute to EP’s deep understanding and insight exploring of a "real" China!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life with Chinese host family

I signed up for three-month EPC program. My host child Yoshimi was 5 years old when I came. he was so active just like most boys. He spoke basic English and was enough for us to communicate at a basic level and it didn’t affect his interest in talking and playing with me. As time went on, his English skills and our overall communication skills improved greatly, which I was quite happy about.

EPC was so helpful and supportive during my stay in China. Though I was prepared with culture shock, it didn’t cause me any problem with EPC’s program training. When I understood more about Chinese customs, it was really easy to communicate with my host parents and the locals. I was lucky enough to spend a Chinese New Year with my family. They took me for trips to Zhangjiajie (for movie Avatar), Phenix City (ancient buildings that have lasted for above 300 years), and parents’ hometowns. Absolutely fantastic trips! I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life!

The mandarin classes offered by EPC are fantastic as I went out to China with no previous knowledge of the language but came away being able to communicate with basic mandarin. The cultural events are always very fun and enjoyable. I got Chinese Calligraphy training, tea art ceremony, city tour to Hakka Cantonese town, and etc.

The only regret I have that I couldn’t schedule a longer stay with my host family and EPC. I’m already missing Yoshimi, my host family and my friends in EPC. I will come back and visit all of you for sure.

Yes, I recommend this program

Life in China: challenge yourself!

I enjoyed the experience with EPC. I'm matched to a lovely family in Shenzhen for three months. I am sure I will miss them and cannot believe how fast the three months went. We shared a lot of beautiful moments which I will cherish in my life! My lovely host child is a girl who was a bit shy and quiet at the beginning, but as we know more about each other, she's more active now which I'm so happy about it! She also makes a great progress of English!

EPC offered Free Mandarin Class every week and cultural activities once a week or sometimes every two weeks.The Mandarin classes were really good! It is quite focused on daily communication and HSK test as well. The mandarin teacher Stephanie was really professional. We also had cultural classes such as traditional calligraphy and Guqin( a traditional musical instrument) which were very interesting. I would probably do it again if I could and whole heartedly recommend it.

I also went to a lot of famous places, not just famous parks like Window of the World, but places that have a long history and they are Chinese Style! For Example, Gankeng Hakka Village!

I would definitely miss this experience, miss the life and the people in China!
Thank you EPC!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Do more research before coming to China, talk to the people in EPC whenever you have any problem in China or with the host family, because they are really helpful and really kind of us!
Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic Experience: 6 months in Shenzhen

Edu Pal China is the most caring and professional au pair agency in China. I got to know lots of amazing people, that I’ll definitely miss. Sarah from EPC is the most responsible agent. She understood me when I was talking about problems with my host family or cultural differences, and has helped me a lot!

I learnt some mandarin and knew more about China during this program. Now I can understand some basic Chinese and talk a bit in Chinese which is amazing! About City Tour and Cultural activities, I've learnt some history of China especially the history of Shenzhen! I've learnt Calligraphy, Guqin(Chinese musical instrument), martial art and visited a lot of wonderful places there! I'll miss everything in Shenzhen, everything with my host family and EPC!

I learnt a lot from this au pair experience with EPC. If I would come as an au pair again in future, I would definitely go with EPC.

About Edu-Pal China

Edu-Pal China program, abbr. as EPC, is an in-depth cultural exchange experience for foreign young adults to explore china. Edu-Pal, abbr. as EP, is a home-stay educational assistance in a local family, assisting family with language tutoring (mostly...