Bali Childcare with PMGY

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 8

I did childcare in Bali for 3 weeks and I have to admit these were the most life changing weeks in my life so far. Before I even came I was anxious about the pick up, because I was arriving late in night, so I assumed nobody's going to be there, because you know it's outside their working hours. But I was wrong, staff 10000% will pick you up, no doubt. Also, they will help you to settle in, move your stuff in the house and make sure you are having a good time. In my opinion, accommodation was better than I expected. Really nice rooms, I d want to say even luxurious + they have a pool + you can also sunbath. The food was amazing. You will get to experience 10/10 Indonesian food. For breakfast we had variety of fruits (e.g. Dragonfruit(which personally I am big fan of), watermelon, papaya, pineapple and others). Fulfilling lunch and dinner. Therefore, the house is near from famous Bali night markets(like 7min walk), where you can get everything very cheap and have a good time and maybe bound with your fellow Co-volunteers. I was suprised by the working hours. Childcare was from around 8am till like 11:30am and then lunch break + rest time and then second period from like 2pm till 04:30pm, which, in my opinion, are great working hours and you don't get worn out. Which makes me think that PMGY cares about your well-being. Big shout-out for that! Therefore, you have free time from Thursday evening till Sunday evening, where you can explore Bali!!! How amazing is that?! In fact, if you consider to childcare in Bali, I can promise you it's gonna be one of the most rewarding experiences! Indonesian children are the sweetest and kindest children you will ever meet. I loved spending time with them, playing, being silly, teaching simple English throughout games etc. Staff is great there, they will help you out no matter what! If you consider to do Bali childcare DO IT! I promise you won't regret!P.S. 3 weeks for me flew away so quick, I wish I was there for longer❤️😭

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