Just the best Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL online course you could ever find!

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about getting an online certification that would be able to give me all the knowledge I need to teach English abroad. You know, we always have been used to have direct interaction way of learning, so it's quite normal to be worried about this, I would say. In a few hours of studying, and since passing through the very first chapters, I understood my concerns were unfounded. Super clear explanations let you enter in teaching worlds as easy as cutting the butter. One of the best features is the key concepts' recycling you'll find throughout the course, which makes you acquire the information much more easily. You can definitely see all the great effort made to construct the course, even just for how well is structured the successions of lessons, going from the basic concepts to more specific ones, but always in a smoothy way. The second great advantage of Premier TEFL courses that you guys will certainly notice by yourself right away is the assistance you've got for every little problem you'll come across: you'll be assigned to a personal tutor, and you can write him/her by email and in few hours you will receive the answer. In this regard, thank you so much Martin for your patience! Finally, the last gem you will be grateful for, it is the online chat you've got on the website, that comes to rescue you when you need a quick solution to any problem. Where else can you find an instant messaging service at your disposal?
Are you looking as well for abroad experiences? No problems at all, the guys will organize for you an amazing paid teaching experience somewhere in the worlds you may like! You literally have no time to realize and you already are in some stunning country having the best of your life experiences. There will never be enough words to describe how much I appreciated this journey, so I will just say THANK YOU!

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