Global Work and Travel co Review

Housing: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This adventure has been very unpredictable from the start. At just 18 years old I packed my bags and left home putting my full faith in Global. I arrived in beautiful Auckland with a driver and a sign with my name on it. Feeling like a movie star I was dropped off at Attic Backpackers in the CBD. I had orientation the following day where I met Heather and Andrea who were also Global travelers. After sharing our experiences we all came to the realization none of us had jobs secured or a plan for that matter. Feeling very anxious about being so far away and on my own for the first time with no plan I realized I was not alone. I made many friends fast. In just a couple of days we managed to make a crew of 20 mates or so. All from different places of the world, traveling for the same or different reasons, coming or going. New arrivals saw our group and assumed we had all known each other for much long than the 6 or so days that we had. Despite not having a job or waiting on an interview whether it be making dinner at Attic or going out to family bar it was so easy to feel carefree and enjoy my time with these new found friends. Eventually we all found jobs and went our separate ways. No matter the distance we managed to keep in touch with a group chat. Some stayed in Auckland even at Attic, some moved to Waiheke Island, where as I found my new home in Aoraki Mount Cook. Most of my friends are in fact older than me and have traveled and lived in many other places. With their experiences they seemed disappointed with their support and even in the size of the city. I myself can see where some areas of support lacked however being my first time traveling alone I believe Global was the perfect balance to get me on my feet and the experience to now figure life out on my on. Of course there has been nothing more unpredictable than the global pandemic of Covid-19 however New Zealand has done an outstanding job and I feel so safe and blessed to be in the position that I am. With the subsidy money from the government and with my knowledge and support from global I have been able to save money and find a new job for the winter season. I look forward to continuing my adventure exploring the mountains this winter while sustaining a job and hopefully traveling around New Zealand beautiful coast this coming summer. I am forever grateful of the strong connections I have made in the short amount of time and the home I found in the Mountains of Aoraki Mount Cook New Zealand.

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Yes, I would