Amazing online Spanish class

Content: 5
Engagement: 5
Support: 5
Platform: 5
Value: 5

My weekly Spanish class was everything I hoped it would be. I already have a strong Spanish foundation, and I wanted to brush up on my skills since I don't have opportunities to speak Spanish in my daily life. Na'atik and Maestro Pedro customized a conversation-based class that was perfect for me and my goals. Meeting via ZOOM was surprisingly easy, and Pedro made sure to create an encouraging learning environment where I felt comfortable making mistakes and learning new things. No matter what your level of Spanish, your Na'atik teacher will boost your confidence as well as offer you new challenges and areas of growth.

The fact that a percentage of my class fees went directly to providing English classes for the local Na'atik community was a special bonus. Na'atik will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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