I learned so much from chatting in Spanish online every week!

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I love my Spanish classes with Osmar. It feels like I am transported to Mexico every Wednesday evening, as we chat in Spanish and I can hear the birds in the background! A nice escape from rainy days in England :) I didn't want to learn to read or write in Spanish or have homework (my day job is quite intense), so I asked if we can stick chatting regularly to keep up my practice. I was grateful that Osmar was happy with this and every week we talked about big topics like the latest news (including Covid), politics, global warming, sustainable tourism and the environment. In just ten weeks of chatting, Osmar taught me how to use the different types of past tense (hurrah!) and at the end of each class he gives me pointers on what to correct and useful resources to practice more. 100% recommend picking up classes - so much fun and so good to escape the everyday rhythm of life with a taste of Mexico.

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Thanks guys - sad you can't do 30 minute classes but of course totally understand. I'll pick things up soon and get lewy to practice with me for now. Gracias!