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Hi all,
My name is Mohammad Tamouni, I am a qualified Arabic Language teacher from Jordan. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in (Arabic), a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Teaching & (PGCE).  
I am so lucky to be part of the Teaching Nomad family. The lovely & professional Jayne Donabie contacted me after I filled the application on the Teaching Nomad site, since then she has kept trying her best to find an excellent school to suit an excellent teacher like me, until she did.
Jayne Donabie, without you I wouldn't know anything about the school in the UAE. Thanks a lot for your excellent and free services.
It is like a dream come true.
I really advise all qualified, experienced and fantastic teachers who love teaching to contact Teaching Nomad, that will save their time and end up with an excellent job in the country you choose.
With Teaching Nomad, you are in safe hands.
All the best lovely teachers

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