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Content: 8
Engagement: 8
Support: 10
Platform: 9
Value: 8

I would like to let you know that what motivated me to do the Diploma course was originally to up´date my qualifications and to receive an international recognition for my teaching experience and qualification, which is national. This goal has been achieved.I would like to outstand the role of my tutor, who was always ready and willing to give me advice.
Although I graduated in 1982, I have always been involved in teaching English as a Foreign Language to all-age-groups or classes and this course has shown me that, all the courses i have done since 1982, and congresses or lectures I have attended or taken part in, have kept me up-to-date in different educational areas.
I would recommend adding or designing a course suitable for TEFL online or blend´learning. I have been doing many courses since I finished my Diploma, and all of them were related to TICs. Forunately our own platform was ready for March, when all the COVID 19 local lockout started, but I have found that I am not an expert at that, and this online or blended learning method will be the future in education. Thank you for your interest in our experience

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