J2's leadership is the reason why I'm an educator

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I was deeply shaped by Jane and Jason as an 18-year-old, when they were the leaders on my gap year program. They did a beautiful job weaving in themes, recurring lessons, and an appropriate amount of structure to the program. I remember being struck by how authentically they were themselves on our program, and I watched them role-model important lessons like setting boundaries, making time for self-care, and managing frustration appropriately -- things that I never saw my high school teachers or mentors do. Overall, Jason and Jane were practical yet playful, creative, and artistic guides who balanced love with rigor in mentoring each member of our group, even when times got tough. As a participant I was absolutely ignited by their leadership style, and I attribute a large reason why I'm an educator today to the times I spent with them as leaders on that program. Thank you for all you do, J2!

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