If you're looking for a sign on whether you want to take this course or not, well, THIS IS THE SIGN!

Content: 10
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 10
Value: 10

Let's make this short and simple:
1. Content- very easy to understand. There's a quiz after each lesson so you won't forget what you just read
2. Support- they've supported me all the way. They even helped me when I had a problem uploading the file for my final assignment which was the Lesson Plan sample :)
3. Value for money- This is the most affordable and legit TEFL course for me. I even got a discount code somewhere online ;) so that made it way more affordable.

Thanks Let's TEFL guys!!! :)

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Nothing else but a thank you for this course. Please don't stop doing this to help more aspiring teachers around the world. All the love!!