Amazing Virtual Global Health journey

Content: 9
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 9
Value: 10

Ahh! My three-month journey with FIMRC was just awesome!! At first, I only enrolled for one month and later got it extended to two and then three months. My area of focus was Asia and Africa and I engaged deep in a particular healthcare and associated topic each week. By the end of twelve weeks, I covered all the eimportant topics such as chronic diseases, maternal and child health, environmental health, etc. I also took up the book ‘Mountains beyond mountains’ by Tracy Kidder as a part of my fellowship and it was a great read. We had case studies by discussions particularly about the management of various acute and chronic illnesses in low resource settings. My volunteer project was ‘Health promoter program for FIMRC Kodaikanal, India’.

For me, Sessions on environmental health were very interesting. I am particularly inclined to climate change and health. We could expect more climate related catastrophes and associated challenges in the healthcare system. I believe in tailoring our entire health system to meet these challenges. My biggest takeaway from FIMRC is the lively discussions and the new things I learned from the FIRMC team. Also, I loved the way FIRMC handles projects all over the globe, including India. The experience changed me a lot as FIMRC is the second international organization I work with. I got to learn new things, met new people, had many interesting talks about almost everything in the world. All of these will stay with me, molding as a sweet memory.

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