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FIMRC's new and exciting Virtual Global Health Fellowship is a certificate program running in 4-week sessions that allows participants to gain global health experience and contribute to FIMRC's mission from the comfort of their own homes. Participants will explore a different global health topic each week. Topics may include monitoring and evaluating development work, social determinants of health, and the future of global health. Each week will include virtual clinical observations, book readings, journal article readings, discussions, medical case studies, and project site updates. The program will also include the development and implementation of a project that directly benefits a FIMRC project site. Sessions available each month.

The Virtual Global Health Fellowship will provide necessary background training for future careers in global health and medicine, while also providing opportunities for clinical experiences! Email for more info.

  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
  • Clinical Experiences
  • Interactions with Global Health and Development Experts
  • Volunteer Projects
  • Work with a Cohort of Like-minded Fellows

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Virtual Global Health journey

Ahh! My three-month journey with FIMRC was just awesome!! At first, I only enrolled for one month and later got it extended to two and then three months. My area of focus was Asia and Africa and I engaged deep in a particular healthcare and associated topic each week. By the end of twelve weeks, I covered all the eimportant topics such as chronic diseases, maternal and child health, environmental health, etc. I also took up the book ‘Mountains beyond mountains’ by Tracy Kidder as a part of my fellowship and it was a great read. We had case studies by discussions particularly about the management of various acute and chronic illnesses in low resource settings. My volunteer project was ‘Health promoter program for FIMRC Kodaikanal, India’.

For me, Sessions on environmental health were very interesting. I am particularly inclined to climate change and health. We could expect more climate related catastrophes and associated challenges in the healthcare system. I believe in tailoring our entire health system to meet these challenges. My biggest takeaway from FIMRC is the lively discussions and the new things I learned from the FIRMC team. Also, I loved the way FIRMC handles projects all over the globe, including India. The experience changed me a lot as FIMRC is the second international organization I work with. I got to learn new things, met new people, had many interesting talks about almost everything in the world. All of these will stay with me, molding as a sweet memory.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It was a great program

They had shadowing opportunities which really gave a taste of what telemedicine is like and would help future practitioners get used to the changes in the delivery of healthcare. The shadowing also enabled me to see how doctors treat patients in low-resource settings (by minimising the usage of medicine and emphasising on a nutrition plan specific to the disease instead.) The case studies was also really interesting and allowed you to see the various types of illnesses commonly present in underserved regions.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly Recommend!

The Virtual Global Health Fellowship introduced me to global health and inspired me to volunteer in medicine globally. Through the live discussions and site overviews, I was able to connect with FIMRC staff and other volunteers. I also gained clinical experience through the shadowing and case study discussions. The program being virtual did not take away from the learning experience. It was so well developed that it felt like learning in person. Not only did I learn about global health and FIMRC's goals but I also learned about the culture of Latin America through the fun activities. I am so thankful that FIMRC provides these wonderful opportunities to learn. I am excited to apply what I learned to my future endeavors in medicine.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience!

I loved my time with FIMRC! This virtual fellowship allowed me to learn about public health, health disparities in communities, international medicine, and so much more. As a student, it helped me figure out what I want to pursue as a career as well as the problems I want to help solve. The Virtual Global Health Fellowship opened my eyes to the different problems and situations occurring around our globe and I will be sure to apply the lessons I learned in the future. Overall, I highly recommend this program!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience!!

I LOVED my experience with FIMRC. Not only the passionate and devoted staff but also I love that I learned so much. I got knowledge on global health, international medicine and so much more that I never even heard about before this experience. The Virtual Global Health Fellowship really helped me to open my eyes on the world surrounding me and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I know for a fact that all the information I have learned will not only be helpful for my future studies and career, but also in order to be more aware of the situations and differences of different peoples all around the globe.

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