Good company

Housing: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 7
Value: 6
Safety: 10

I was excited to move to shanghai, I was paired with a good family. They gave me my own apartment(which is rare,I still live in it). The family was really shy at first because their english is not so good,but the little boy was really good at speaking nglish so he often translated between me and his mom.

We had our own lessons on Saturdays just the women, while the boys went out to play or toy shopping.We had some fun days inside, but due to the pandemic we often stay inside and play with legos and Elsa with his younger sister all day.I mostly have the whole family eating vegan during the week because I don't eat meat, but its random occasions that they will eat no meat. But they enjoy the no meat because they want to be more healthier so I was glad I could leave them with a piece of who I am. We've finally completed all of his english books before I left the family. I check on the kids often they are always sad to see me leave, they sometimes cry, so I check on them as much as I can after work.

It was nice being with this family.

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Yes, I would
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