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This course is great Work to increase awareness in the community It is a required certificate for everyone seeking to teach English abroad to non-native speakers, it helps to develop teaching skills professionally to teach English as a second language, and it is evidence that the teacher has been well trained in teaching English as a foreign language anywhere UNI prep also it Acquire the skills required to manage the educational process and the foundational English material needed to teach non-native speakers of English include that Possessing knowledge that benefits a person in the various areas of his life and the breadth of its horizons, Evaluate different matters and situations, and act rationally about them, The ability to distinguish between true and false, Earning the respect of others, and increasing one's self-confidence, Human knowledge of his rights, in addition to laws and regulations. Possessing qualifications that give a person job opportunity.
Teaching is the process of facilitating learning, that is, the acquisition of knowledge, skills, principles, beliefs and customs. Among the teaching methods are storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed scientific research. Teaching is often conducted under the guidance of teachers and learning about culture and traditional different countries and learn more experienced. All this unit from 1 to 10 have great video, lessons, and quizzes comprehensive are more professional style I learn it and enjoyed as well great work well done.

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