Think Pacific Virtual Internship - Environment & Conservation

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Being someone who's always wanted to travel and volunteer abroad but hasn't been able to yet, this was the perfect opportunity to make a global impact, whilst the restrictions remain with the ongoing pandemic. It's created a strong foundation to build upon for when I can go over and volunteer there one day.

The internship is so flexible around any other commitments you may have and being a current university student I found I was able to manage my time between both quite well. It's a fantastic way to immerse yourself and learn about a different culture through a vast amount of resources including culture sessions and guest speakers from Fijian organisations. The ability to choose a social action project from a range of organisations in different sectors gives you no limits and you will definitely find one that suits you and your needs e.g. career field or passions. It was a great way to network with other like-minded people globally and allows you to develop yourself personally and professionally through various transferrable skills.

The TP team and mentors are absolutely amazing and help to push you and challenge yourself to inspire and produce the best outcome for your project. They have such a great energy to motivate you and by the end of the internship you know you'll make a massive difference and help contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Fiji’s National Development Plan.

Overall, a hugely rewarding and a once in a life time opportunity!

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