Unforgettable San Carlos Experience

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Value: 10

Before coming to Colombia, I was very exited for my first Workaway experience. I couldn’t help asking, how will it be, what will I do and what kind of people will the hosts be. After I stayed in Bogota, I came to Spanish Adventure which I found through Work away. I couldn’t have known that the month would pass by so quickly when I was having these fears.

Camilo and Daniel are really equipped and good teachers. They become serious teachers at the time of the lesson and good friends outside of the classroom. They also hosted very well. For my first experience, I can say that staying in a peaceful, comfortable place with such a beautiful view is the best thing that could have happened and I would like to stay longer but I have to leave to continue my journey.

Normally, When I go abroad, I cannot eat food that is made by somebody else. However, I always looked forward to the lunches which Camilo’s brother cooked. His name is Joan & he cooks incredibly delicious food. Thank you Joan.
Furthermore, here I overcame my animal fears. Dobby is a gorgeous and loving dog who I will miss greatly. Above all, Camilo and Daniel gave me the courage and chance to teach my first dance lesson abroad. I will always remember this place fondly. Thank you guys.

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