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Language Level
Immersion Level
Intensive Standard
Class Size
Private Lessons Small Class (1-7)


Starting Price
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8 Hours Spanish Group lessons (2 hours Tuesday - Friday)
Spanish Project Class (5-6 hours at week )
1 Elective Spanish workshop
Adventures every afternoon Monday - Thursday
Accommodation in a dorm Sunday - Sunday
Lunch every day Monday - Saturday
Big adventure on Saturday
1 week - 819.000 COP (195 USD*) / week

8 hours Spanish Group lessons (2 hours Tuesday - Friday)
Spanish Project Class (5-6 hours at week )
4 hours private tutoring (1 hours Tuesday - Friday)
1 elective Spanish workshop
Adventures every afternoon Monday - Thursday
Accommodation in a dorm Sunday - Sunday
Lunch every day Monday - Friday
Big adventure on Saturday**
1 week - 945.000 COP (225 USD*) / week
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Classes Some Meals Transportation Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

Canyoning, hiking, tubing, bird watching, camping. Cultural and natural immersion

Mar 08, 2021
Dec 08, 2022
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About Program

Study Spanish in a formal setting in the mornings, enjoy guided adventure tours in the afternoons and have fun on the weekend adventures with our Spanish speaking locals.

This is an excellent opportunity for improving your Spanish skills in a practical and fun way while exploring some of Colombia’s wonders in San Carlos - a magical town surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls.

We believe that progress is made when you are outside the classroom, interacting with locals, and using your newfound language skills to experience true Colombian culture. That's why we have daily Colombia immersion activities excursions so you can keep learning Spanish without ever being bored.

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Program Highlights

  • Adventure
  • Colombian Nature
  • Immersion in Colombian Culture
  • Learn Spanish in a fun way
  • Travel and Learn

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  • Instruction 5
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  • Fun 5
  • Housing 4.85
  • Value 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

My colombian family💚

I spent there 5 weeks, time was passing through very quickly during my staying. I was a volunteer originally, then i extended my staying, again and again, i felt so much home there. So much memories... I have my loveliest experiences there during my 3 months of travelling around the country. I totally recommened it, expecially for individual travellers who desire for a family feeling. Learning spanish was way easier than before, this is the best way to learn the language and practise it, thank you very much guys! 💚

  • Family feeling
  • Amazing location
  • Teambuilding programs
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Yes, I recommend this program


amazing place lived my time here great value for money.
Would come again someday.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Incredible, Well-Rounded Experience

There is so much to say about Spanish Adventure!
I thought I would stay for three weeks but ended up extending for five weeks. At the end of every week I felt excited about how much more there was to learn, and the location was amazing. The weekly projects were fun and often made me step way outside my comfort zone - writing and reciting poems, making short films, and my favorite, making traditional Colombian dishes to share. Beautiful mountains surround the school and the weekly adventures were unbelievable. I stayed in both a private room and a shared room during my time there and both felt spacious and comfortable. All of the teacher and staff members are absolutely brilliant, all with a unique background and story that shines through the way they teach and share. This is a place I would gladly return to!

  • Learning practical Spanish for conversation
  • Variety of learning activities - daily classes, 1:1 conversation, adventures & projects
  • Incredible, friendly & brilliant staff
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Yes, I recommend this program

I would 10/10 recommend ❤️

I would 10/10 recommend going to Spanish Adventure. Not only have I learned so much during the Spanish Classes, I’ve also had so much fun with the amazingly talented teachers and the other students. The school is located in this beautiful, colorful town of San Carlos, where there’s lots of waterfalls and rivers to discover. Besides the daily Spanish classes, you will multiple times a week work on a creative project, the guides will take you on different adventures in the area and you will practice Spanish with the locals during the weekly language exchange. I’m super grateful for this experience and
I really hope to come back one day!

Spanish Adventure, muchas gracias por todo!!!💖

  • Excellent Spanish classes
  • Best vibe
  • Cool adventures
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Yes, I recommend this program

Spanish Adventure is a great experience

The teachers are all very enthusiastic. The groups are small, so you really get the attention you need. Only people on the same Spanish level will be grouped together. In my last week I was alone in my group. The staff is very friendly, it feels like one big family, so you really feel at home in this place. The food that's cooked at the school is delicious. In the town San Carlos nobody speaks English, so you really get to practice your Spanish. The school also organises canyoning and other Adventures, the evironment is beautiful. A good place to hike and swim. No other tourists to be found in this place, only the students in the school, so it's also very local. Amazing experience!

  • Enthousiastic educated teachers
  • Local environment to easily immerse
  • Exciting adventures organised by the school
  • A bit far out of town, so you need tuktuks to bring you
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Yes, I recommend this program

Do it! Small town Vibe!

- I studied at this language academy for 9 weeks and loved it! It’s a mix of Spanish and going out into nature to do hikes, swim in rivers and visit waterfalls.
-Being in San Carlos was awesome. It’s a small Pueblo unlike Bogota and Medellin you’ll really get to connect with the locals and get a genuine side of Colombia.
- The classes are Small (1-5) which made it an easy learning environment.
- All the instructors are college educated and well versed in teaching Spanish as a second language to students from all over the world.

  • Spanish learning
  • Small Pueblo vibe
  • Adventures in nature
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Yes, I recommend this program

The PERFECT Spanish School 🏫

I found Spanish Adventure after searching for a Spanish Immersion School to spend my summer at in Latin America. When I first saw the school and read the reviews, I thought to myself, “this is too good to be true.” But based on so many positive reviews and the ability to learn Spanish while in the middle of beautiful nature, I nervously booked 5.5 weeks in Colombia with Spanish Adventures. Based on my limited and biased American perspective about Colombia, I really over prepared for this trip. I got a cheap phone, cheap clothes, and made sure to prepare for the worst. However, once I arrived at Spanish Adventures and San Carlos, I realized that almost all of my fears were unfounded. Spanish Adventures and San Carlos are SO SAFE. I felt more safe here than I do back home in Oklahoma. San Carlos is now one of my favorite cities. As an example: one day I was riding a Mototaxi to an adventure with the school and accidentally left my bag in the Mototaxi. When I realized my mistake, I tried to run after the Mototaxi but wasn’t fast enough. A local saw me running and asked me what had happened. I responded “mi bolsa está en este Mototaxi” and without hesitation he left on his motorcycle and returned with my bag. This is how great the people of this town are. EVERYONE is so kind, helpful, and friendly in San Carlos. This makes it the perfect town to learn Spanish in because everyone is truly willing to speak Spanish to you.
As for the school—in one work I would say excellent. In my 5.5 weeks, I had every teacher (Rafa, Joan, and Camilo) and they were all excellent. I entered the school with basic Spanish knowledge and am leaving being able to have full conversations in Spanish. I still have a long way to go in my Spanish journey, but I’m so much further along than I could have ever imagined before coming to Spanish Adventures. I think my favorite part of the school was the adventures. These activities provide a time to both be in nature and practice your Spanish. In my time here, I had so many incredible experiences with the adventures. Sure, there are other schools where you can technically take my hours of class per day, but once you include the time talking in Spanish during the adventures, you’ll see that Spanish Adventures is superior in every way. I honestly think that this is the best combination of fun and learning that you’ll find anywhere in the world. I absolutely loved my time here and can’t wait to come back.
A few tips for future visitors of Spanish adventures:
1. Bring less things than you think you’ll need. While San Carlos is a small town, it still has all the essentials that you could ever need—soap, shampoo, food, clothing, and so much more. I would recommend bringing less stuff and buying what you need when you arrive since everything is soooooo cheap here.
2. Bring Deet mosquito repellent. I used the Sawyer brand 30% deet lotion and had great success at avoiding mosquito bites when I used it correctly. It’s hard to find deet in Colombia so I would recommend bringing this from your home country.
3. Plan adventures outside of the school that you want to do! The school provided so many amazing adventures, but they simply can’t provide everything in the limited time that you are at the school. While I was at the school, I went hammocking over a valley, tubing, hiked La piedra del Tabor, and repelled 1,000ft down a waterfall. Don’t be afraid to book extra activities in your free time to do even more incredible things during your stay here. The 1,000ft repelling down a waterfall is now one of mummy highlights of my life. I recommend using EcoGuias for all of your extra adventure needs.
4. Put yourself out there! You’ll only be at Spanish adventures for a limited time—make the most of it. Become friends with other students, speak Spanish a lot. Try new things, push yourself. For me, Spanish Adventures was a time of personal growth because I put myself out there and tried new things. Don’t let your experience go to waste!
5. If you like privacy, book a private room. I booked a private room and loved the privacy it allowed me. My friends who stayed in the shared rooms also had a great experience, but if you know you enjoy more privacy, don’t be afraid to stay in a private room. The school is VERY social, so even with the private room you’ll still have ample time to make friends.
6. Don’t forget to have fun! Learning a language is a FUN adventure. During your time at Spanish Adventures, lean into the fun. If you find yourself getting stressed, back up and breathe, meditate, do yoga, max recenter. This school is a stress free zone and encourages learning in a stress free way. I know you learn better when you’re not stressed and this school provides the perfect stress free environment—let te environment take you on a journey.
7. Use Jerry for all of your Motocarro needs (his number is out front of the house.)
In summary, I booked this school wondering if it could live up to its reviews. After the first day, it absolutely blew all of the e reviews out of the water. I said many times during my stay that, “today’s another day in paridles” and I truly believe that. Spanish Adventures is paradise for those who are willing to explore. I 100% recommend coming here and I hope to return myself in the future. Nos Vemos!

  • The Adventures
  • The Teaching
  • The town where you can practice with locals
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

A great experience with great people

During my time at Spanish Adventure, I have grown massively as a person and also improved my Spanish whilst enjoying the beautiful nature around San Carlos. My personal favourite place is la cascada, as the views are amazing, and it is perfect for swimming. Daniel & Camilo definitely know all of the best locations in the area and make a huge effort to share these with the volunteers, which has really made me feel at home & comfortable. I definitely feel I will never forget them & I hope that we cross paths again in the future.
San Carlos is a lovely village in which I have felt the people treated me with amounts of respect & welcomed me with open arms. Daniel & Camilo organise an inter-cambio with locals every Friday & this combined with teaching some English on the farm really helped create an immersing experience & for this I am extremely grateful.
I will be leaving Spanish Adventure a changed man. I can't say a bad word about my time here and I really would recommend this experience to anybody. Not only has my Spanish improved dramatically, I have become a better person, learned more about myself, and shared great experiences with people I am sure I will remember forever.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I'd be more prepared for the lovely weather instead of bringing only winter clothes!
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