Certificate course good, administrative help poor

Instruction: 7
Support: 2
Value: 2
Academic Rigor: 2
Job Assistance: 3

The TEFL course was fine, but the administration support was poor (except for Andreea- she is excellent). If part of what you are looking for is assistance with your foreigner's visa, be aware that the administration staff is not as informed as other resources in the city. They gave me a lot of erroneous information during my renewal process, overcharged me and withheld total payment from the language school, and then failed to admit or correct any of these errors despite 4 months of back and forth communication. The director has also been completely unresponsive during the entire process.
No huge complaints about the TEFL course. I had fun and learned a lot. Other classmates found it tough to find work, and one was "hired" as an office staff but was VERY poorly paid and asked to work many unpaid hours.
If you're OK with just getting the certificate and are not counting on any other quality help with paperwork, visas, employment, etc. then go for it. I suppose it depends who is helping you at any given time, but in my own experience.. if you need visa help, the Spanish language schools do it better.

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